International Comparisons of Impetigo Guidelines
December 09, 2021

A recent systematic review of guidelines of the management of impetigo was published in the Family Practice Journal.

Ozenoxacin Treatment for Pediatric Patients
December 09, 2021

Impetigo is a common skin infection in which ozenoxacin may be used as a treatment. This study aimed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the therapy in pediatric patients compared to other topical treatments.

Do Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns Matter?
November 10, 2021

This study aims to find a treatment algorithm for impetigo.

Study: Expert Panel Compiles Main Pediatric Impetigo Controversies
November 10, 2021

A recent literature review compiles a panel’s consensus and opinion on the main pediatric impetigo controversies.

Improve Outcomes for Impetigo
October 28, 2021

Literature update highlights the treatment methods, clinical pearls, and enhancement of outcomes for the disease

NICE recommends antiseptics over antibiotics for impetigo
October 27, 2021

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and the Public Health England have issued guidance on impetigo.

Emerging Treatment Strategies for Impetigo
October 13, 2021

With increasing antibiotic resistance to treatment, impetigo research has been driven to find newer alternative options.

Impetigo Treatment and Antimicrobial Resistance
October 13, 2021

A recent review evaluates the information provided to clinicians regarding antimicrobial resistance in impetigo treatment.

Topical retapamulin was effective for impetigo
February 28, 2021

Topical retapamulin was effective in clearing impetigo lesions according to a presentation given at the recent Maui Derm conference.