Challenging Cases in Skin of Color Patients
August 09, 2021

In this first part of our coverage of “The Skin of Color Update Pre-Conference Virtual Symposium” held August 3, we review challenging cases of melasma, vitiligo, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in skin of color patients.

Emerging Agents Augment Melasma Modalities
April 09, 2021

An array of agents for blocking visible light and lightening skin are joining the armamentarium to treat melasma. Despite this expanding number of therapeutic interventions, melasma is a chronic, therapeutically challenging disease for which there is no cure, so treatment plans should address both management of the disease and patient expectations.

Laser-assisted delivery of tranexamic acid for melasma
December 23, 2020

Findings from two recent pilot studies suggest 1927 nm fractional thulium fiber laser-assisted topical tranexamic acid delivery is a safe, effective melasma treatment option.