JAK Inhibitors: Drilling Down the Details
November 25, 2021

In this exclusive video interview, James Del Rosso, DO, gets into the details of JAK inhibitors, explaining how they work and cutting through the hype around the treatments.

Pairing the Right Psoriasis Drug with the Right Patient
November 13, 2021

In a video for Dermatology Times®, Mark Lebwohl, MD, details how to match patients with the right psoriasis treatment for their specific needs.

New Frontiers in Psoriatic Disease Research
November 11, 2021

An article published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology examined genetic, environmental triggers, immunology, pathophysiology, and precision medicine in psoriasis.

Efficacy and Safety of Apremilast in Plaque Psoriasis
November 11, 2021

A phase 3 study evaluated apremilast as a treatment for patients with mild to moderate psoriasis.

A Deep Dive on Tapinarof
November 09, 2021

In this video interview, Mark Lebwohl, MD, explains why topicals for inflammatory conditions are vital for treatment.

The Cutaneous Connection: An Inside Look of the Inclusive Atlas
November 04, 2021

In this episode, we dive into the background of the “The Full Spectrum of Dermatology: A Diverse and Inclusive Atlas.” Adam Friedman, MD, and Misty Eleryan MD, MS, describe their process to creating this new dermatologic resource.

Pregnancy outcomes vary in women with psoriatic arthritis
November 03, 2021

The study examines the impact of antirheumatic treatment on pregnancy outcomes in women with psoriatic arthritis.

What to Know: Phase 3 Findings on Promising Psoriasis Pipeline
October 24, 2021

Mark G. Lebwohl, MD, presents on what dermatologists need to know about the newest psoriasis studies during the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference.

Nonsteroidal Topical Therapies
October 21, 2021

Neal Bhatia, MD, explores steroid alternatives in his presentation at the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference.

FDA Approves Adalimumab-adbm as First Interchangeable Biosimilar with Adalimumab
October 19, 2021

The approval was supported by promising phase 3 data of the VOLTAIRE-X clinical trial.