Pigmentary Disorders

Learn From the Derm Experts
October 23, 2022

At the 2022 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference, 5 practitioners share their best tips for treating their patients

Diagnostic Approaches for Melasma and Vitiligo
September 07, 2022

Pigmentary disorders of the skin can be the cause of significant psychological distress in affected patients.

Pointers with Dr Portela: Hyperpigmentation
August 24, 2022

In this week’s Pointers with Dr Portela, the 208SkinDoc gives his skin discoloration treatment tips.

A Potpourri of Complex Medical Terminology
June 17, 2022

At the SDPA 2022 Annual Summer Dermatology Conference, a session on both common and rare dermatological disorders.

Vitiligo’s Emerging Drug Pipeline
May 05, 2022

Ruxolitinib cream 1.5% may soon be the first FDA-approved treatment for repigmentation of vitiligo. Experts share what dermatologists need to know regarding efficacy, safety, and cost of this topical drug.

DefenAge Receives 2 US Patents
April 05, 2022

The skincare manufacturer and distributer announced that it has received patents for hair growth and melasma.

Art Papier, MD, on Skin of Color Imagery
April 01, 2022

VisualDX uses diverse imagery to help increase knowledge of disease manifestations in a range of skin types.

Practical Management of Birthmarks and Hamartomas
March 25, 2022

In a presentation at the current AAD annual meeting, experts discussed differential diagnoses and clinical presentations in birthmarks and hamartomas.

Identifying Diagnostic Bias in Skin of Color
March 24, 2022

Investigator Loren Krueger, MD, urges dermatologists to recognize and correct disparities in clinical decision-making, particularly regarding skin cancer.

Experts Tackle Skin-Lightening Controversy
February 03, 2022

Unsafe and toxic skin-whitening products continue to draw fire.