How Ruxolitinib Will Change the Future of Vitiligo Treatment
July 21, 2022

Pearl Grimes, MD, FAAD, and director of the Grimes Center of Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology and the Vitiligo & Pigmentation Institute of Southern California in Los Angeles, explains why the FDA approval of ruxolitinib cream 1.5% is monumental in the treatment of vitiligo.

FDA Approves Ruxolitinib Cream 1.5% to Treat Nonsegmental Vitiligo
July 18, 2022

Ruxolitinib (Opzelura) cream is the first and only FDA-approved treatment for patients with vitiligo.

Efficacy and Safety of Ruxolitinib Cream in Adolescent Patients with Vitiligo: Pooled Analysis of the 52-Week TRuE Phase 3 Studies
July 09, 2022

At the SPD 2022 47th annual meeting, investigators share data on the treatment of ruxolitinib for this chronic autoimmune disease.

Narrowband Ultraviolet B Phototherapy in Pediatric Vitiligo: A Retrospective Study
July 09, 2022

At the SPD 2022 47th Annual Meeting, researchers delve into the safety and practicality of using narrow-band UVB phototherapy on children with vitiligo.

Poster Sessions at the SPD 2022 47th Annual Meeting
July 03, 2022

An extraordinary display of posters at this year's Society for Pediatric Dermatology annual conference.

Vitiligo’s Emerging Drug Pipeline
May 05, 2022

Ruxolitinib cream 1.5% may soon be the first FDA-approved treatment for repigmentation of vitiligo. Experts share what dermatologists need to know regarding efficacy, safety, and cost of this topical drug.

What's Happening in the Vitiligo Pipeline?
April 01, 2022

In this drug pipeline video, Pearl Grimes, MD, FAAD, and Seemal R. Desai, MD, FAAD discuss what's currently happening in the vitiligo pipeline including why current treatments are lacking, what's coming soon, and what it may cost.

Cellular Grafting in Vitiligo
March 28, 2022

Vitiligo is challenging to treat; fortunately, continued research has led to improvements and refinements in options, giving much-needed hope to patients with this skin condition.

Positive Preclincal Data Seen for VYN201 in Human Skin Model of Vitiligo
March 08, 2022

VYNE Therapeutics announced positive preclinical data of a lead BET inhibitor reducing melanocyte loss and key inflammatory biomarkers from an ex vivo skin model of vitiligo.

New Drugs, Devices Could Revolutionize Pigmentary Treatment
December 29, 2021

Long underserved by a narrow armamentarium, patients with pigmentary disorders could soon see a new wave of oral and topical solutions to treat even the most challenging cases.