The Psychosocial Impact of Vitiligo
November 28, 2022

Vitiligo, an autoimmune skin condition that causes depigmentation, can have a large effect on a patient’s quality of life and psychosocial well-being.

Screening for Other Conditions in Patients with Vitiligo
November 22, 2022

Nada Elbuluk, MD, and David Rosmarin, MD, discuss screening patients with vitiligo for common comorbidities.

Overview of Vitiligo
November 22, 2022

Nada Elbuluk, MD, and David Rosmarin, MD, provide an overview of vitiligo, its prevalence, and potential triggers.

Learn From the Derm Experts
October 23, 2022

At the 2022 Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference, 5 practitioners share their best tips for treating their patients

Incyte’s Opzelura Shows Significant Improvements in Phase 3 Vitiligo Trial
October 21, 2022

Data demonstrates an increase in the proportion of patients achieving regimentation with longer duration of ruxolitinib cream treatment.

Vitiligo Repigmentation Improvements More Noticeable in Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
October 13, 2022

Improvement of vitiligo repigmentation in patients can result in higher Vitiligo Noticeability Scale values when assessed from patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) versus traditional investigator-assessed studies.

Thyroid Abnormalities Rare Among Children with Vitiligo, Study Finds
September 30, 2022

The search for the causes of vitiligo continues. The findings in this study stand in contrast to another one conducted in eastern China that showed a high percentage of children with vitiligo had thyroid abnormalities.

The Other JAK Inhibitors for Vitiligo
September 27, 2022

A recent review article lists six other JAK inhibitors that might be used as treatments for vitiligo in addition to ruxolitinib, the active ingredient in recently approved Opzelura.

A Case of Vitiligo in an 11-Year-Old Male
September 13, 2022

A case study reviewed an 11-year-old male for loss of pigmentation of the right side of his back and right arm.

A Targeted Approach to Vitiligo Treatment
September 09, 2022

At the Skin of Color Update 2022 meeting, Pearl Grimes, MD, shares her thoughts on the recent approval of ruxolitinib cream.