Biologic Treatments for Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Dupilumab Treatment Improves Sleep Quality in Moderate-to-Severe AD in Children and Their Caregivers
July 07, 2022

Sleep disturbance is a significant factor in reduced quality of life for children and adolescents. A study at a poster session for the SPD 2022 47th Annual Meeting was presented on treating this population with dupilumab (Dupixent) to help with sleep quality showed positive results.

FDA grants priority review for dupilumab in pediatric AD
January 31, 2020

The FDA announced it has accepted a priority review of dupilumab for the treatment of moderate-to-severe AD in pediatric patients 6 to 11 years of age. The drug is already approved for treatment of AD in adolescents and adults.

Tralokinumab meets endpoints for all phase 3 studies
December 16, 2019

LEO Pharma has recently announced that all three phase 3 studies examining the safety and efficacy of the atopic dermatitis investigational drug tralokinumab met all of its primary and secondary endpoints, leading way to the company now seeking marketing authorization for the drug.

Fast Track designation granted to lebrikizumab for atopic dermatitis
December 11, 2019

The U.S. FDA has granted Dermira with a Fast Track designation for its atopic dermatitis drug lebrikizumab following the start of phase 3 clinical trials to examine the efficacy, tolerability and safety of the drug.

Breakthrough therapy designation granted to nemolizumab for pruritus
December 09, 2019

The United States Food and Drug Administration has granted Galderma’s nemolizumab a Breakthrough Therapy Designation following phase 2 results which suggests the drug is a considerable alleviant for pruritus associated with prurigo nodularis.

Atopic dermatitis patients receive more complex treatment regimens
December 03, 2019

Significant variation exists in prescribing patterns among doctors managing atopic dermatitis, and the prescription of some drugs may go against dermatology guidelines, finds a recent study.

Atopic dermatitis linked to increased risk of atrial fibrillation
November 20, 2019

Patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis may have a 20% increased risk of atrial fibrillation, finds a recent study. 

Atopic dermatitis patients’ access to care varies across US
November 20, 2019

For patients with atopic dermatitis, access to dermatology care appears to be best in the West and poorest in the Midwest, shows a recent study looking at disparities in access to services across the United States.

Pay attention to pain caused by itch in atopic dermatitis
October 16, 2019

Pain is a distinct and important symptom of atopic dermatitis experienced by almost two thirds of patients, reports a recent study.

Safety of systemic immunomodulatory drugs in atopic dermatitis
October 15, 2019

Researchers recently analyzed insurance claims data to investigate the safety and efficacy of  off-label immunomodulatory drugs for atopic dermatitis in real life practice. Read what they discovered here.