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This Week in Aesthetics: June 29 – July 3


In case you missed it, this week we talked about ways to improve the injectable consultation, AesCert Guidance and more.

this week in aesthetics

This week in aesthetics, we compare stem cells and exosomes, a recent study shows an increase in PRP use for the periorbital region, Dr. Jeffrey Dover shares what he’s learned about COVID-19 since reopening, Dr. Joel Cohen talks about popular combination therapies, Dr. Zoe Draelos discusses facial appearance apps, Dr. Jason Pozner provides an inside look at the latest ultrasound technology and Dr. Vince Bertucci offers tips for improving the injectable consultation.

Stem Cell vs. Exosome

Stem cells largely remain an unproven therapy. Could stem cell-derived exosomes be the key to successful anti-aging treatments? 

PRP Use Increasingly Popular for Periorbital Region

PRP joins peels, lasers, neurotoxins and fillers as a go-to treatment for periorbital rejuvenation according to a recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

AesCert Guidance: Where Are We Now?

Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Chairperson for the AesCert Guidance Supplement published by the AAFPRS, provides an update on the current state of safety in the aesthetic practice.

Combination Therapies During COVID-19

With many patients working from home during the pandemic, Dr. Cohen says more patients are open to combining treatments and extending their downtime.

Do Facial Appearance Apps Actually Work?

Dr. Zoe Draelos discusses the role of consumer-targeted facial appearance apps, how they work and how they can be manipulated.

Next-Gen Ultrasound Technology

Device guru Dr. Jason Pozner provides an inside look at the latest in ultrasound technology.

Improving the Injectable Consultation

Dr. Vince Bertucci offers tips to improve the cosmetic injectable consultation

COVID-19: What We’ve Learned

Dr. Jeffrey Dover shares what we’ve learned about COVID-19 since reopening the aesthetic practice.

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