5 Skincare Innovators


This week’s Patient Insight examines possible COVID-19 reinfection, anxiety-induced skin picking, skincare for those wearing PPE and more.

In this week’s Patient Insight, Self examines the possibility of Coronavirus reinfection, while Allure explains how to treat the PPE face and showcases creators of several innovative skincare brands. Hello Giggles talks anxiety-induced skin picking, and Shape describes how diabetes can change the skin.


Is Coronavirus Reinfection Possible?

How to Care for Your Skin If You Wear PPE at Work, According to Dermatologists


Confessions of a skin picker: How anxiety was destroying my face

How Diabetes Can Change Your Skin — and What You Can Do About It

Beautiful Minds: The Geniuses Behind Some of the Most Innovative New Skin-Care Brands

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