Patient Insight March 23: What Your Patients Are Reading In Consumer Media


In this weekly report, we curate a list of consumer media articles on aesthetic topics to keep you up-to-date with what your patients are reading. Here is the March 23 edition:

While your patients are working from home doing their part to fight COVID-19 with social distancing and self-isolation, Allure examines New York’s decision to halt elective plastic surgery and Vogue talks with an ER doctor at the frontlines of the pandemic. Real Simple suggests skincare “fasting,” Shape explains what sebaceous filaments are and Harper’s Bazaar details the differences in between IPL and laser hair removal and educates their readers on at-home light therapy.


Elective Plastic Surgery Procedures Put on Hold in New York Hospitals Due to Coronavirus

“They Ignored the Warning Signs”: A New York City ER Doctor Explains What She’s Up Against


I Tried Skincare Fasting and My Skin Has Never Looked Better

What Are Sebaceous Filaments and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

Hair removal

The differences between IPL and laser hair removal

Light therapy

#SkinSchool: Everything you need to know about at-home light therapy

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