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60 Tips in 60 Minutes: Part 2


Presenters at Winter Clinical Hawaii shared expert tips from their specialties in the second part of a fun and fast-paced panel discussion.

At the 2023 Winter Clinical Hawaii Dermatology Conference in Kohala Coast, Hawaii, Linda F. Stein Gold, MD; Mark Lebwohl, MD; Joslyn R. Sciacca Kirby, MD, MS, MEd; Matt L. Leavitt, DO; Daniel M. Siegel, MD, MS; Kenneth J. Tomecki, MD; and Clay J. Cockerell, MD, participated in the second day of “60 Tips in 60 Minutes: Day 2.” The fast-paced panel discussion consisted of 3 rounds of tips shared by each presenter from their respective fields.

Tips from round 1 included:

  • Linda F. Stein Gold: Keep treating acne even when just residual erythema remains to help prevent atrophic scars.
  • Mark Lebwohl: Dermatologists tend to overlook and underutilize hedgehog inhibitors. Patients can go on and off 200mg of sonidegib and still have good response rates.
  • Joslyn R. Sciacca Kirby: “Boil bubbles” in the background of a biopsy are a sign of superficial basal cell carcinoma.
  • Matt L. Leavitt: Intralesional injections can help grow hair back and stop inflammation.
  • Daniel M. Siegel: Clinicians are not billing photodynamic therapy correctly. Additionally, an ALA stick is a one-time use unit, while ALA gel has 200 units per tube.
  • Kenneth J. Tomecki: In a recent study, 95,000 patients with psoriasis who received systemic therapy and received two systemic agents had a 60% increased risk of zoster.
  • Clay J. Cockerell: Bullosisdiabeticorum may appear identical histologically to bullous pemphigoid in older patients.

Other popular tips from the session included:

  • Linda F. Stein Gold: Consider new non-steroidals like tapinarof as a monotherapy for psoriasis in sensitive areas.
  • Matt L. Leavitt: Having female patients fill out a hair loss questionnaire before you see them will expedite the process of determining their concerns.
  • Mark Lebwohl: Apremilast shows promising results as a treatment option for morphea.
  • Clay J. Cockerell: Always send pictures of biopsies to dermatopathologists for difficult cases.
  • Daniel M. Siegel: Give patients a vitamin D supplement before photodynamic therapy for better results.


  1. Stein Gold L, Lebwohl M, Sciacca Kirby J, et al. 60 tips in 60 minutes: Day 2; Presented at the 2023 Winter Clinical Hawaii Dermatology Conference; January 13-18, 2023; Kohala Coast, Hawaii.
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