Sun Pharma launches acne awareness campaign


Sun Dermatology is launching an acne awareness advertising campaign, Take on Acne, that focuses on the skin condition’s impact on teens and young adults’ quality of life.

Sun Dermatology, a division of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc., has launched a new advertising campaign to promote awareness of acne’s impact on everyday life.

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The Take on Acne campaign specifically focuses on young adults and teens (12 to 25 years old) with the condition, which affects 85% of adolescents and can lead to low self-esteem as well as psychological problems, according to the announcement.1

The campaign dismisses common misunderstandings about acne, including the misperception that the condition is caused primarily by poor diet and hygiene, while simultaneously educating patients that about the genetic and biological factors that can affect skin health.

Take on Acne is meant to empower people with acne to re-gain control as their lives are interrupted by breakouts that can feel uncontrolled and overwhelming,” says Andy Nelson, vice president of sales and marketing, medical dermatology at Sun Pharma. “By showing what adolescents with acne are going through, our aim is to give rise to the voice of the patient in a meaningful way, underscoring our commitment to these patients and the dermatology professionals who serve them.”

Sun Dermatology created the ad campaign based off of the data discussed in a company sponsored review by Gieler, et al. The authors examined the results of multiple studies that looked at acne’s impact on quality of life. The data reviewed showed that acne can evoke similar feelings of isolation, angst and hopelessness across a variety of patient populations, regardless of disease severity.2

Sun Dermatology is using this data to shape their campaign, which will display on digital billboards and various online gaming, digital, audio, video and social media platforms.

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Take on Acne intentionally uses provocative imagery to urge people with acne to seek earlier intervention, which can not only prevent formation of physical scars, but also lifelong psychosocial scars. It’s also important that people know that some forms of acne are medical conditions that require clinical intervention,” says Nicholas Squittieri, M.D., chief medical officer of Sun Pharma.


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