FDA Grants Extended Clearance of Avéli for the Reduction of Cellulite

Revelle Aesthetics’ cellulite reduction device helps address frustrating aesthetic concerns.

The FDA has granted extended clearance to Revelle Aesthetics’ precision cellulite device, Avéli, for the long-term reduction of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.1 Avéli is indicated for cellulite reduction in adult females, reflected by clinical data detailing treatment benefits through 1 year of observation. Avéli will soon play a substantial role in the medical aesthetics industry of lower body rejuvenation.

Avéli is the only minimally invasive procedure that enables clinicians to determine which fibrous septa bands are causing a cellulite dimple. Then, clinicians can accurately confirm that they are releasing specific troublesome septa bands to reveal smoother skin. Unlike other common aesthetic procedures, Avéli results are quickly visible after a one-time office procedure with little recovery time. Avéli is available nationwide, with a growing popularity in plastic surgery and dermatology practices that focus on the rising needs in body contouring.

"In our practice, the most sought-after cosmetic treatments in order are botox, fillers, pigmented lesions, body shaping of abdomen, and tattoo removal," said Helen Torok, MD, medical director for the Dermatology & Surgery Center at Trillium Creek in Medina, Ohio. "Cellulite is not a treatment that is sought after. But with Revelle Aesthetics marketing it may bring patients into our office requesting cellulite treatments. It is a very tedious treatment in that each dimple has to be anesthetized and subcised with their device. I cannot imagine myself as a physician doing this tedious treatment and would relegate this to one of our physician assistants. But the results do look promising."

Cellulite is a depression of any shape or size with a defined edge, typically on the stomach, buttocks, and thighs, and affects up to 80%-90% of women.2 One major cause of cellulite is the complex structure of fibrous septa bands that connect the skin. Some septa stiffen or shrink over time and lead to dimples seen on the skin’s surface.

Cellulite has 4 grades:

  • Grade 0: There is no cellulite on the body
  • Grade 1: The skin is smooth when standing up, but mild dimpling appears when sitting down.
  • Grade 2: The skin has moderate dimples when standing up or sitting down.
  • Grade 3: The skin has severe dimples when standing up or sitting down. The skin also features deep peaks and valleys (raised and depressed areas).

Genetics, sex, age, the amount of fat on the body, and the skin’s thickness determine how much cellulite a person may have and how visible it is.


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