Dermatology Times, October 2020 (Vol. 41, No. 10)

Stem cell media boosts microneedling benefits

October 30, 2020

A split-face study investigating facial rejuvenation found better outcomes using microneedling followed by topical application of a stem cell derived conditioned media versus microneedling alone.

Cosmetic procedure complications in darker skin

October 29, 2020

Some adverse reactions to cosmetic procedures occur more often in patients with darker skin types. Patients should be counseled on appropriate cosmetic procedures for their skin type, according to Cheryl M. Burgess, M.D., at the Skin of Color Update virtual meeting.

My experience with surface radiotherapy

October 28, 2020

Superficial radiation offers a newer, FDA-approved office-based option that is safe. Steven A. Davis, M.D., shares his experience using surface radiotherapy to treat his patients with non-melanoma skin cancer.

Trial compares NMSC destructive techniques

October 21, 2020

A recent study showed that curettage and cryotherapy, and electrodesiccation and curettage are two techniques that have comparable cure rates. The study’s findings highlight the efficacy and reliability of these treatment approaches for minimally invasive cutaneous carcinomas.

Phenotype-based approach advances management

October 16, 2020

The 21-member global ROSacea Consensus panel developed updated recommendations for rosacea, diagnosis, classification and management to support and promote transition to a phenotype approach in rosacea.

Misinformation delays rosacea diagnosis in skin of color patients

October 16, 2020

The idea that rosacea is uncommon in darker skinned individuals may be due to under-recognition. Careful clinical examination, a thorough history and biopsy in some cases are needed for accurate diagnosis and differentiating rosacea from diseases that may be more common.

Managing pandemic patient volumes

October 15, 2020

Since the start of the pandemic, dermatologists have seen an average 50% drop in patient volume. While teledermatology has offered a channel for non-urgent patients and patient visits are rebounding, overall patient volumes are still significantly lower than 2019.

Case series draws attention to phenotype of acne scarring

September 10, 2020

A retrospective review of patients seen in an academic dermatology clinic over a one-year period identified 20 individuals with nasal papules in association with acne, which are thought to represent scarring sequelae. The condition is underrecognized, researchers say and requires further research to better understand.

‘Clean’ skincare a growing trend

September 08, 2020

"Clean" skincare has become a popular trend. A preference for products without certain ingredients is fine if the products make patients feel better without making their skin worse, one expert says.

Therapeutic, management considerations with biologics

July 24, 2020

Studies offer further insight into risks associated with biologic therapy. One study suggests it’s not necessary to stop biologic therapy preoperatively to limit post-operative infections. Another systematic review does not rule out melanoma risk.

Investigational agents to treat hematologic malignancy in pipeline

May 04, 2020

Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic neoplasm (BPDCN) is a rare but aggressive hematologic malignancy that often manifests with asymptomatic skin lesions that often appear as bruise-like lesions, plaques or nodules. With one approved drug available, researchers are studying additional investigational agents.