Author | John Jesitus, MA


Physical sunscreens sidestep concerns

July 07, 2020

If patients are concerned that sunscreen use may harm their health or the environment, physical sunscreens such as zinc oxide may provide the most reassurance, one expert says.

Proprietary supplements largely unnecessary

July 02, 2020

Consumers can get virtually all of today’s hottest skin, hair and nail nutrients without buying special supplements, an expert says.

Gene expression profiling for skin cancer brings promise, pitfalls

June 30, 2020

Gene expression profiling (GEP) has the potential to improve melanoma prognostication, but shortcomings remain, one expert says.

Biologics enter post-PASI era

June 26, 2020

With newer biologics consistently posting PASI improvements greater than 90%, dermatologists need to consider other factors when selecting a treatment. However, nuanced differences between the same drug class could be teased out, one expert says.