Dermatology Times, June 2020 (Vol. 41, No. 6)

JAK-STAT inhibition an attractive target for atopic dermatitis drugs

June 15, 2020

Jonathan H. Zippin, M.D., Ph.D., explains what existing drugs and investigational compounds that inhibit the JAK-STAT pathway are being investigated as treatment for atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, vitiligo and psoriasis.

Melanoma tumor syndromes

June 05, 2020

Recognition of patients with hereditary melanoma is important not only because these individuals require careful surveillance for future primary melanomas, but also because they may be predisposed to multiple other types of malignancies because of their genetic mutation, says Hensin Tsao, M.D., Ph.D.

New device treats nonmelanoma skin cancer

June 04, 2020

A new energy-based device delivering ultrafast pulses of high amplitude electrical energy to nonthermally preferentially clear targeted cell rich lesions is proving to be a very useful treatment modality for a number of benign dermatologic lesions.

Dermatologist turns sterilized wraps into face masks with high filter efficiency

May 18, 2020

A third-year resident in the department of dermatology at the University of California, Irvine has kicked off a passion project turning discarded sterilization wrap into face masks with a high filter efficiency. She hopes these will fill a need as well as reserve N95 masks and surgical masks for those procedures that they are designated.

Meta-analysis points to most effective biologics for psoriasis

April 15, 2020

Brodalumab, guselkumab, ixekizumab and risankizumab stood out among 15 biologic and oral medications as having the highest short- and long-term response rates for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, according to a recent meta-analysis.

Psoriasis guidelines emphasize patient education, comorbidities

April 15, 2020

Current joint psoriasis guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology and the National Psoriasis Foundation emphasize the need to help patients understand the relationship between psoriasis and comorbid conditions and the importance of seeking appropriate interventions as needed.

Ixekizumab approved for pediatric plaque psoriasis

April 10, 2020

Eli Lilly announces the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of ixekizumab (Taltz) for treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in pediatric patients 6 and under 18 who are also eligible for phototherapy and systemic therapy.