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DermYoung, Eden MedSpa launch campaign to help NYC first responders


DermYoung and Eden MedSpa announce the launch of their “Together We Are Love, Together We Will Heal,” campaign which aims to provide NYC first responders with facials and take-home skincare kits for those experiencing skin damage and irritation due to PPE usage.

Healthcare professionals on the frontlines have worked tirelessly, selflessly and continuously over the last 12 weeks to save people’s lives and limit the spread of COVID-19. As a way to recognize their efforts and minimize some of the discomforts associated with the required personal protective equipment, two businesses are joining forces to provide these hero workers a way to care for themselves.

DermYoung, a skincare company based out of Massachusetts General Hospital, and Eden MedSpa in New York City are offering complimentary DermYoung Recovery Facial products as part of their new campaign “Together We Are Love, Together We Will Heal.”

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A 60-minute clinical facial, along with a two-week take-home kit including DermYoung’s Youth Serum, Hydrating Pore Refining Fluid, Illume Oil, Vibrant Boosting Facial Mask, Hydrating Mist and I-Genesis Collection will be available to healthcare volunteers, NYPD and medical professionals once spas are able to open in the area.

Previously, Eden MedSpa aided New York City firefighters and police officers during the 9/11 crisis with free massages and is offering their services up again to help first responders during the COVID-19 crisis, according to Yvette Jiang, owner of Eden MedSpa in a press release.

“We were already working with DermYoung on an initiative to donate PPE to local hospitals, so it made perfect sense to partner on this charitable effort,” says Jiang. “As a licensed medical esthetician, I also know the DermYoung products will create an immediate glow as well as the deep healing their skin so desperately needs. The first responders have been fighting to take care of us, now is the time for us to take care of them.”

Once notified of the shortage of PPE, both Yang Brooks, M.D., CEO of DermYoung, and Jiang have donated over 1000 N95 respiratory and surgical masks to Massachusetts General hospital and other local medical facilities in need.

Additionally, DermYoung has donated $6,000 worth of Illumine Oil to the Cerner Corporation that will be given to those in the medical field suffering from skin rashes and eczema.

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“Both Eden MedSpa and DermYoung hold this campaign endear to our heart. We are using our top guns in this campaign and are confident to deliver the recovery we promise to the heroes. We hope first responders will experience the long overdue relief and pampering and feel the unity in our beauty and wellness industry,” says Dr. Brooks.



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