Is there anything that can be done for sweaty feet?


There are no products in the mass market specifically for sweaty feet, but there are steps patients can take to limit the daily impact of sweaty feet.

Sweaty feet can be a difficult problem ruining shoes and precipitating friction blisters.  Sweaty feet are also a social problem resulting in foot odor from bacterial growth.  Finally, sweaty feet can be a performance issue causing decreased athletic performance in runners.  There are no products in the mass market specifically for sweaty feet and botulinum toxin is a painful expensive solution.  The best solution is to consider use of the same creamy rub-on clinical strength formula previously discussed for night time application to the soles of the feet.  The antiperspirant should not be worn during the day because it can ruin shoes and damage clothing.  Walking on carpet with foot antiperspirant can cause color changes and fiber damage.  Night time use avoids these problems.

However, even antiperspirants cannot solve the sweaty feet issue in many patients.  Another helpful tip to offer athletes and people who must wear warm protective boots and occlusive footwear is to decrease the moisture level next to the skin.  This can be accomplished by wearing two pairs of socks.  The first sock next to the skin should be of 100% polyester that does not hold water.  The second sock worn on top should be of 100% cotton that does hold water.  The polyester sock allows the skin to remain dry with the sweat being wicked away from the skin by the cotton sock.  At lunch break, or when possible, the moist cotton sock should be replaced with a fresh dry sock.  This is not a perfect solution, but it can minimize water logged skin.

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