The Mainstream Patient: May 5


In this week's edition of The Mainstream Patient, we take a look at actinic keratosis, acne's connection to mental health, what working on the front lines of the pandemic can do to your skin, wearing sunscreen indoors and more. 

Introducing The Mainstream Patient, a weekly glimpse into what your patients may be reading in the media about skin health.

This week is Sun Awareness Week and InStyle explains why we still need to wear sunscreen, even if we’re quarantining at home. Meanwhile, Hello Giggles highlights a story about acne’s connection to our mental health. Self dives into how one writer’s Zoom meetings altered her perception of beauty standards. Also, they reveal why some people experience a rash when they switch to natural deodorant. Allure shares what working on the front lines of the pandemic can do to your skin. Finally, May is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Shape identifies actinic keratosis, its causes and how it can turn into skin cancer.

Why you still need to wear sunscreen while quarantining at home, according to dermatologists

What is actinic keratosis, exactly?

How Zoom video meetings taught me to relax my beauty standards

My acne was trying to tell me something about my mental health, and I’m so glad I listened

Here’s why your natural deodorant gave you a rash

What working on the front lines of COVID-19 does to your skin

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