Dermatology Times, August 2021 (Vol. 42, No. 8)

Shrinking Staff Levels Can Lead to Unhappy Patients

August 31, 2021

In this month's Legal Eagle column, David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, explores selling your practice to a private equity interest and the challenges that can follow, including staff shortages and longer patient wait times.

Hair Hang-Ups

August 30, 2021

In this month's Cosmetic Conundrums column, Dermatology Times® Chief Medical Editor Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, explores the world of hair, including ammonia-free hair dyes, how conditioner can prevent hair breakage, hair oiling, and more.

Study: Curcumin Nanoparticles as a Photoprotective Adjuvant

August 24, 2021

Curcumin has a long history as an effective treatment for everything from chronic pain to skin infections. Nanoparticle encapsulation shows promise in meeting that challenge and opening the way for a safe, effective adjuvant to sunscreen.