Author | Galadriel Bonnel, Ph.D., FNP


Life-threatening emergency cases in dermatology

September 15, 2018

Life-threatening emergency cases may be rare, but they can be complex. At EADV this week, experts review cases physicians should be aware of.

EADV report addresses novel treatments for cutaneous lymphoma

September 15, 2018

Potential new treatment with targeted monoclonal antibodies offers new hope for cutaneous lymphoma patients.

Advent of immunotherapy may require a new, expanded role for dermatologists

September 14, 2018

With immunotherapy as a key treatment for melanoma, dermatologists should be prepared to treat its cutaneous side effects and refer for adrenal sufficiency, uveitis, thyroid disease and other non-cutaneous side effects.

EADV report highlights the future of checkpoint inhibitors in advanced melanoma

September 14, 2018

Checkpoint inhibitors have clearly changed the prognosis of melanoma, yet the search for evidence-based answers to these and other questions regarding their use continues, experts report at EADV this week.