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Food Supplement Demonstrates Positive Results in Psoriasis Therapy


AxisBiotix-Ps food supplement shows positive results in a recent consumer study evaluating its efficacy for psoriasis treatment.

A novel food supplement is quickly emerging as a potential therapy for inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. In a recent announcement by SkinBioTherapeutics, a consumer study showed positive results for their probiotic food supplement AxisBiotix-Ps.

The food supplement, developed in partnership with Winclove Probiotics B.V., consists of a proprietary blend of bacterial strains designed to balance the gut microbiome and tackle the over production of new skin cells seen in conditions like psoriasis.

The study enrolled 177 participants who self-identified with the diagnosis of mild to moderate psoriasis. They were tasked with taking the powdered food supplement, which was dissolved in a glass of water, once daily for 56 days (2 x 28-day blocks). Participants were monitored through a mobile phone app consisting of frequent questions and image submissions of any affected areas.

Results of the study showed that of the 91 participants that completed the study, 76% reported a reduction in itch, as well as the following:

  • 75% reported a decrease in the appearance of redness;
  • 73% reported a reduction in skin irritability;
  • and 65% reported fewer “flaky patches” of skin.

Additionally, the participants who responded positively also reported positive changes to their lifestyle while taking the food supplement. 

On average at day 56: 

  • 62% reported having more energy;
  • 64% reported better sleep;
  • and 66% reported positive changes to their general mood.

“The results have exceeded our expectations, with improvements across all the key markers for irritable skin conditions like psoriasis—from skin itchiness to redness and number of flaky patches,” said Cath O’Neill, PhD, chief scientific officer at SkinBioTherapeutics and professor of translational dermatology at the University of Manchester. “We have also received highly positive feedback from participants about improvements to their sense of well-being, such as being able to sleep better and pursuing activities they enjoyed before, such as painting and long walks, even wearing shorts, which they had given up because of their condition.”

AxisBiotix, SkinBioTherapeutics’ wholly owned subsidiary, plans on a commercial launch of AxisBiotix-Ps in the fourth quarter of 2021 and will be sold on a monthly subscription basis. According to the press release, AxisBiotix will seek approval of the product as a food supplement in the US, UK, and Europe, and intends to launch within these regions following approval. 

For those interested, the company asks to pre-register to receive the product before it is officially launched here.


1. Positive data for AxisBiotix-Ps™ food supplement consumer study unveiled. SkinBioTherapeutic. Published May 26, 2021. Accessed May 27, 2021. https://www.skinbiotherapeutics.com/positive-data-for-axisbiotix-ps-food-supplement-consumer-study-unveiled/

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