Matthew Reedy, MD


Administrative Burden of Prescribing Biologics

Prescribing biologics can require a complex approval and claims process. Creating a tiered system based on office workload can help practices understand and allocate staff time. Outsourcing approvals to pharmacies where possible can also streamline the process.

Logan Lutton


Majority of state medical boards see increase in COVID-19 misinformation complaints against physicians

An alarming amount of COVID-19 disinformation is prevalent even from physicians.

Matthew Gavidia


Study: Lifestyle Behaviors Linked With Psoriasis Development

Lifestyle behaviors, such as body mass index and smoking, were shown to have a stronger association with psoriasis, regardless of genetic risk.

Adel Haque, MD


Adel Haque, MD, Provides His Best Advice for New Dermatologists

Learning how to prescribe biologics, talking to mentors, reviewing journals, and getting involved in clinical trials are all ways to boost your expertise.

Jeff Bendix


Burnout, Frustration Levels Continue to Grow Among Physicians

Doctors cite more support staff, reduced patient panels among solutions.

Terri L. Phillips, MD, FAAP


Diverse Perspectives in Medical Aesthetics Matter More Than Ever

Dermatology Times® invites medical professionals in the dermatology community to speak out on the vital issues facing the specialty.

Stephen Zander, MBA


How Can AI Improve Patient Care?

AI’s ability to quickly process and interpret large quantities of health data is a valuable tool for physicians.

Nicholas Wrigley


Data Support the Use of First-/Second-Line Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in HNSCC

Findings from a retrospective cohort study found that immune checkpoint inhibitors induced promising responses in the first- and second-line treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Hadar Lev-Tov, MD


Dermatologist Talks About the ABCs of Wounds and HS Support at Annual Meeting

Expert insights on the latest issues in wounds as well as HS resources are shared at the annual meeting.

Sandra Fyfe


Study Examines Dupilumab Effectiveness in Erythrodermic Atopic Dermatitis

Research published in JAMA Dermatology finds dupilumab works quickly and safely for patients with erythrodermic atopic dermatitis.

Jazmin Newton


A Close Look at Necrobiosis Lipoidica

How to diagnose and treat this rare skin disorder.

Pete Haytaian


3 Approaches to Creating a Connected Care Future

By integrating capabilities and services, we can create health experiences that are much more than the sum of their parts.

Kaiane Habeshian, MD


Severe Hemorrhage from Infantile Hemangioma

A 5-month-old girl with a large scalp infantile hemangioma (IH), present since 6 weeks of age, is evaluated in the emergency department for lethargy and pallor.

Mona Gohara, MD


Take-home Points to Manage Acne

Drs Joshua Zeichner, MD, and Mona Gohara, MD, provide take-home messages to providers treating patients with acne.

Beth Longware Duff


Shingles Vaccination Counseling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CDC advises not to delay shingles vaccination.

Contemporary Pediatrics Staff


Parents Worries About Severe Acne’s Impact on Teens

More than 90% of respondents to a recent survey expressed concern about acne’s effect on their adolescent’s mental health and social life.

Chelsey Huffman, MD


Severe Hemorrhage from Infantile Hemangioma

A 5-month-old girl with a large scalp infantile hemangioma (IH), present since 6 weeks of age, is evaluated in the emergency department for lethargy and pallor.

J.D. Norcross


What You Don’t Know and Should Know About Passwords

J.D. Norcross, director of information technology at VitalSkin Dermatology, discusses some myths and best practices with digital passwords you should know to help keep your practice information safer.

Kristi Rosa


FDA Approves Relatlimab Plus Nivolumab for Unresectable or Metastatic Melanoma

The FDA has approved the fixed-dose combination of relatlimab plus nivolumab for the treatment of adult and pediatric patients who are 12 years of age or older and who have unresectable or metastatic melanoma.

Michael Joyce, CFA, CFP


Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on Doctors

How will new federal law affect lives and wallets of physicians?

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