Richard Payerchin


APPs May Fill in Gaps Due to Growing Shortages of Physicians, Nurses

Reports project hiring for NPs, PAs, and dire situation for nursing across the nation.

Medical Economics Staff


2021’s Top Challenges Facing Physicians

In late 2020, our sister publication, Medical Economics®, conducted a Physicians Report asking physician audiences what they thought would be the most challenging issues they will face this year. Here is what the respondents said.

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Managing Plaque Psoriasis: Expert Advice

Takeaways from a panel discussion on newer biologic therapies to treat plaque psoriasis, and parting advice to other professionals who work in dermatology regarding best practices when using these drugs in their clinics.

Shanna Miranti, MPAS, PA-C


The Role of Dermatology Advanced Practice Providers With Shanna Miranti, PA-C

Dermatology advanced practice providers work alongside physicians to improve patient care and access.

Lois Levine, Associate Editorial Director


Top Meeting Takeaways From the Fall Clinical Conference

Clinicians fresh from the Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference discuss their top meeting takeaways and share some recommendations.

Jason Burum


How to Effectively Partner with Patients to Optimize Care

Combined, these efforts encourage active participation in the care process and drive sustained behavior change.

Sarah C. Miller, MS2


Disseminated Erythema Migrans as a Result of Lyme Disease

A 17-year-old male patient presents with multiple lesions developed on his trunk, face, and extremities that had previously been solitary, red expanding lesion on his right arm at the site of a tick bite that occurred during a hike.

Lisa Swanson, MD, PhD


TRuE-AD1 and TRuE-AD2 trials: Takeaway Points

James Q Del Rosso, DO, Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, Lisa Swanson, MD, summarize the TRuE-AD1 and TRuE AD2 phase 3 trial and provide take home messages topical ruxolitinib cream for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Kaitlyn Bader, Associate Editor


The Mainstream Patient: January 3, 2023

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patient features stories about dry shampoos that don't contain benzene, the best ferulic acid serums, Hijabi hair care, and more.

Jonathan Lai, MS2


Customization Drives Pediatric Acne Treatment Regimens

Treatment regimens for pediatric acne should consider skin type, ethnicity, disease severity and personal preferences, according to one expert.

Keith A. Reynolds


Proper Coding Gets Practices What They Are Owed

A physician’s goal is to care for patients, but a key part of being able to provide that care is the eternal quest for payment. One way to ensure that a practice maximizes its coding regimen is to make sure each session can be efficiently billed.

Aaron Farberg, MD


Frontline Forum Part 4: Solutions in the Management and Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma

In part 4 of this Frontline Forum series, John M. Strasswimmer, MD, PhD; Andrew H. Weinstein, MD; Neal Bhatia, MD; Laura Ferris, MD; and Aaron S. Farberg, MD, discuss solutions for managing and treating patients with basal cell carcinoma.

Chris Ryan


FDA Accepts IND for RM-1995 Photoimmunotherapy in Advanced Cutaneous or Head and Neck SCC

The FDA has accepted an investigational new drug application for the photoimmunotherapy treatment, RM-1995, for patients with advanced cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma or head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.

Omar Noor, MD, FAAD


Gaps in Management of AD SOC Patients

Drs Angela Lamb, Omar Noor, and Neal Bhatia share what they consider to be the biggest gaps in care for patients with SOC: patient/provider education, building trust, and appropriate diagnosis of AD.

Keith Algozzine


How a digital front door can improve patients’ access to care

Online-first engagement ensures patients obtain the right care for their specific needs.

Brent Moody, MD, FACP, FAAD


Key Takeaways and Discussion Highlights

Drs Justine Cohen and Brent Moody provide their key takeaways and panel discussion highlights related to the management of patients with basal cell carcinoma.

Sherry G. Cohen, FNP-C, APRN-PMH


Sunscreen Protection for Children

Protection from the harsh rays of the sun is crucial for everyone—including children. Now that summer has arrived, a refresher course for your patients and their families on sun protection, which can go a long way in preventing skin damage and disorders due to the sun.

Dustin Portela, DO


Pointers With Portela: Managing Epidermolytic Palmoplantar Keratoderma

In this week’s Pointers with Portela, the 208SkinDoc reviews a case of pediatric keratoderma.

Aaron S. Farberg, M.D., dermatologist, Baylor Scott & White Health System and Bare Dermatology in Dallas, Texas


Impact of Data on Generalized Pustular Psoriasis

Aaron S. Farberg, MD, and Jeffrey Crowley, MD, share take-home messages on the impact of the generalized pustular psoriasis study.

Linda Stein Gold, MD


Linda Stein Gold, MD, Highlights Available Therapies for AD, Psoriasis, and Acne

A plethora of oral and topical treatments are available for patients, according to Stein Gold’s SCALE 2023 sessions.

Tom Ferry, MBA


How Physicians Can Provide Better Care for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Technology and care navigators are key to managing this growing population

Lily Guo


Topical Steroid Withdrawal Syndrome Manifesting in Patients Treated for Atopic Dermatitis

Recent studies show patients are experiencing adverse effects of stopping corticosteroid treatment.

Bob Peelman


Do You Have the Right Financial Adviser?

Experts detail 5 tips to ask a financial advisor so they can best serve your interests.

Iltefat Hamzavi, MD


Iltefat Hamzavi, MD, Reviews Surgical Treatment Advances for Vitiligo

Hamzavi spoke at the 2023 Pigmentary Disorder Exchange Symposium in Chicago.

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