The Mainstream Patient: April 5, 2021


This week’s edition of The Mainstream Patient features stories on sweat reduction, vitamin C serums and sensitive skin, the importance of sebum, plus more.

In this week’s edition, Allure features the importance of sebum and how to determine which at-home skin care devices are safe to use. Meanwhile, Harper’s Bazaar explains if vitamin C serums can irritate sensitive skin, and Shape reveals how to decide where to get Botox and fillers. Finally, Elle dives into how to make a psoriasis-safe beauty routine, and Hello Giggles finds out if you can permanently reduce sweating.

Can Vitamin C Serums Irritate Sensitive Skin?

How To Make Your Beauty Routine More Manageable When You Have Psoriasis

Can You Permanently Reduce Sweating? Here's What Dermatologists Say

Which At-Home Skin-Care Devices Are OK To Use?

How to Decide Exactly Where to Get Fillers and Botox

What Exactly Is Sebum, and Why Is It So Important?

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