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Making a difference: Derms step up


National report - These are just a few of the dermatologists whose advocacy efforts are bearing fruit:

National report - These are just a few of the dermatologists whose advocacy efforts are bearing fruit:

Because her write-in Republican candidacy scored 42 percent in a recent general election, "We have a very good chance of retaking the district in 2008," she says.

Dr. Feldman, professor of dermatology, pathology and public health science, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C., launched the Web site to allow patients to rate their doctors.

For physicians - about 250 of whom had signed up at press time - the site provides fast, inexpensive patient feedback.

Dr. Feldman says showing patients how peers feel about their doctors is "fabulous for dermatologists and other physicians. Right now, about 98 percent of all care is excellent," a fact that media accounts of unsatisfactory care often overshadow, he says.

At press time, the site had assembled some 30,000 ratings, he says.

To help meet ACS goals, including a 50 percent reduction in cancer mortality, he says, "I serve on the national Cancer Action Network Board of Directors, an advocacy offshoot of the ACS, because I've seen smoke-free public places legislation lead to a measurable reduction in smoking and a downturn in lung cancer."

Similarly, he's working with the Ohio Dermatological Association on legislation (which was scheduled to be introduced into the Ohio General Assembly in April) that would ban the sale of tanning rays to all minors.

Dr. Brodell is professor of internal medicine, dermatology section, Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, Ohio.

"Parents thank me because they say their kids won't listen to them," he says. But because he is a physician and an avid surfer, he says that when he talks, "They listen, and start using the information I give them in a positive way."

Dr. Beckett is a dermatologist at the not-for-profit Santa Cruz Medical Foundation.

For more information: http://www.DrScore.com/

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