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Balancing Act: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.3

Aesthetic AuthorityBalancing Act: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.3
Volume 1
Issue 3

In this Fall issue, we hear from several physicians who have not only adapted to practicing during the pandemic, but have also demonstrated that whether it's injectables, lasers, or surgery, it’s business as usual in many practices.

Over the past six months, we’ve experienced shutdowns, myriad unknowns, and slowly learned how to go back to work and life with protocols and precautions. Today, we’re no longer living a “new normal,” it’s simply become the norm. In other words, we’ve reclaimed our lives and have moved forward despite the pandemic.

In this Fall issue, we hear from several physicians who have not only adapted to practicing during the pandemic, but have demonstrated that the private practice goes on, as Dr. Randolph Waldman explains in his editorial: “Most of us refused to be frightened to the sidelines and returned to work as soon as the government allowed us to reopen our doors. Not only did we open our doors, but we provided a beacon of light and hope to our patients… We should be very proud of how we all reacted amid this crisis, and together we have strengthened our specialty.”

As our pages reflect in this issue, it’s business as usual in many practices. From changing demographics to procedure combinations and approach, according to Drs. Katerina Gallus and Michael Kluska, not only is the mommy makeover in demand but it’s gotten a makeover itself. Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry says patients are asking for lip lifts and social media is helping to fuel requests at her practice. Notably, injectable business is booming, despite the pandemic. According to Dr. Suneel Chilukuri, masks make injectable treatments more difficult, but he has refined a safe and effective approach and shares his protocol. Interestingly, Dr. Jeffrey Dover suggests COVID-19 may even be responsible for resetting the standard American beauty standard.

Indeed, there is always a silver lining. We hope that this issue effectively conveys hope, inspiration, and motivation to keep spirits high and practice successful.

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Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.3
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