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Unlock Your Profit Potential with the Revolutionary PRX Protocol

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Aesthetic AuthorityBalancing Act: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.3
Volume 1
Issue 3

Wiqo explains how to see familiar ingredients in a whole new way with PRX-T33.


What is the most important ingredient in your kitchen? A very expensive, exotic herb? A never-heard-before flavour from far away? The latest superfood? Often the decisive factor of success is something we give totally for granted: humble table salt, for instance, is in all preparations: from savoury to sweet, its unobtrusive presence exalts flavour, and you definitely notice when it’s missing. The trick is moderation, and skills mastery.

I’ve been one of the first to use PRX-T33 – a cosmetic for professional use recently launched on the US market – but by now there is an expanding and enthusiastic userbase. It’s a dermal rejuvenator that triggers the skin’s own reparative system leading to a naturalistic and quick rejuvenation. It’s applied topically, with manual technique taught in training sessions during which you can discover the many uses of PRX-T33.

With PRX-T33 you can achieve what many practitioners have always dreamed – even though many maybe didn’t know it: immediate results, perfect for the “lunchtime-break clients”, naturalistic, subtle, noticeable, downtime-free skin improvement which is not restricted to certain times of the year (PRX-T33 can be used even in the summer months provided the patient uses adequate photoprotection). How often have doctors wished there were an effective and safe treatment that does not require a high starting cost and high commitment from the patient? Well here it is!

PRX-T33 is great for new practitioners, since it is an easy application process, but also for advanced ones, because it can be integrated with many other services. Similar to connective tissue massage, the gel is applied with specific pressure that anyone can learn to maximize absorption and get the best outcome. PRX-T33 is very safe for all skin types. It can be used all year long, even during the sunny months as it does not cause photo-sensitivity. There is virtually no downtime and it is safe for all skin types. For these reasons it is a great introductory service for new clients that are nervous about aggressive treatments that have long “down times”. I’ve noticed that men are great candidates as well, because they will look great afterwards, but no one suspects they had an aesthetics service provided to them. PRX-T33 can also be combined with other services such as Microneedling with or without RF, PDO threads and a host of other services. PRX-T33 combined with other services yields results that are superior to each treatment on its own, while increasing revenue per service. The post care products included as part of the PRX-T33 experience are specifically designed to make sure clients use the best home care in between PRX-T33 treatments. Many clients will want to continue home use of these products after their initial cycle is over, so that creates and additional revenue source. The minimum treatment cycle with PRX-T33 is of 4 treatments for the face and body; this typically generates $1000 per cycle - resulting in a high ROI for the practitioner. Most importantly, clients see an immediate improvement in their skin after just one treatment. Having clients get up from the treatment bed and say “wow!” is always rewarding! To me, Wiqo PRX-T33 has proved to be a game changer for my practice in so many ways. It has provided me with an effective skin rejuvenating service that I can offer to my darker Fitzpatrick patients without the associated risks of post-inflammatory skin changes. Prior to having PRX-T33, treating a darker Fitzpatrick skin type generally required several weeks of pre-treatment with Hydroquinone to avoid unwanted pigmentary changes. Now I can start the first treatment the same day as the consultation for almost all my patients. Patient satisfaction rate is high due to the immediate visible results with no required downtime and no photosensitivity. Patients see and feel immediate tightening in the skin following the application of the PRX-T33 and the skin takes on a youthful translucence in color. It is the ideal “Red Carpet” treatment that delivers the efficacy of 33% TCA to the Dermis without ever causing any frosting. This to me is a “game changer” in the Aesthetics industry as Wiqo is providing us with an effective rejuvenation process that does not adversely affect the epidermal barrier. I have been a certified clinical aesthetician and trusted skin care expert with 30 years’ experience in dermatology and the plastic surgery industry and I can, without hesitation say that this is the most advanced skin care treatment I have encountered in my career.

So, what’s the most important ingredient in your practice? Well, your expertise, of course. No one can replace that. Now just think of what you can achieve with PRX-T33.

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