Dermatology Times, December 2021 (Vol. 42. No. 12)

2021's Breakthroughs & Disappointments

December 23, 2021

The past year gave dermatologists ample cause for both celebration and frustration as they looked forward to new drugs, devices, and technology to optimize patient care. Here, Dermatology Times® editorial advisory board members weigh in on the good, bad, and still-TBD changes that shaped the specialty during 2021.

Ethnicity and Atopic Dermatitis: Differences, Similarities, and Gaps in Knowledge

November 05, 2021

There are several fine nuances and differences in the presentation of atopic dermatitis in patients with skin of color that differ from the presentation seen in patients with lighter skin types. As such, clinicians should be aware of these differences to improve the treatment and management of AD in patients with skin of color.