American Academy of Dermatology

Advances in vitiligo give patients hope
September 01, 2020

Vitiligo can be psychologically devastating for patients. Expert Seemal R. Desai, M.D., FAAD, shares how recent advances in vitiligo treatment offer hope to patients impacted by the disease.

Vitiligo subtypes indicate unstable, active disease
August 31, 2020

Subtypes such as confetti vitiligo and trichrome vitiligo can be signs of unstable active disease, says expert Seemal R. Desai, M.D., FAAD.

What’s new in vitiligo treatment?
August 28, 2020

Expert Seemal R. Desai, M.D., FAAD, highlights new therapeutics that may impact the future of vitiligo management, a topic he discussed at the AAD Virtual Meeting Experience (VMX) in June.