Evan Rieder, MD


Evan Rieder, MD: Equipping Patients With Tools for Skin Acceptance

Following this week's Science of Skin media roundtable hosted by AbbVie, panelist and dual-board certified dermatologist and psychiatrist Evan Rieder, MD, discusses the relationship between chronic skin conditions and mental health.

Inga Shugalo


Select Medical Software Based on Your Practice’s Life Cycle Stage

Though providers probably can use any type of medical software, the financial resources they are able to invest in medical solutions differ significantly based on the type of practice.

Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE


Addressing Cutaneous Blisters and Chronic Bullous Disorders With Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE

Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE, reviews best practices for treating patients with cutaneous blisters and managing chronic bullous disorders.

Giselle Mosnaim, MD


Q&A: Late-Breaking REMIX-1 and REMIX-2 Data Demonstrated Efficacy of Remibrutinib in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

Allergist immunologist Giselle Mosnaim, MD, recently spoke with Dermatology Times to discuss late-breaking phase 3 REMIX-1 and REMIX-2 data presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Annual Meeting.

Brielle Benyon


In Skin Cancer, Immunotherapy May Lead to Chronic Effects

Research showed that many patients with skin cancer who had been treated using immunotherapy, such as immune checkpoint inhibition, experienced chronic side effects.

Anant Madabhushi, PhD


Insight from Anant Madabhushi, PhD on AI in Dermatologic Care

His keynote speech at ACMS focused on artificial intelligence for precision medicine and cancer diagnosis.

Jordan Bui


Vitiligo Case Report: A 9-Year Old Patient With White Macules, Halo Nevus

Jordan Bui and Bernard A. Cohen, MD, review a case of a young patient with vitiligo.

David Rosmarin, MD


Phase 3 Ruxolitinib Study Shows Higher Rates of Adolescent Repigmentation

David Rosmarin, MD, shared his insights on the study in a Q&A with Dermatology Times.

Bradley Burnam


Turn Therapeutics' Atopic Dermatitis Candidate Achieves 57% Reduction in Disease Severity in 7 Days

Bradley Burnam discusses results from an in-vivo model of atopic dermatitis.

Lauren Buchanan, MA, Managing Editor


Oral Therapies Offer New Options for Patients With Psoriasis

Ben Lockshin, MD, FAAD, shared his insights on the latest advancements in oral options for psoriasis therapies.

Maddi Hebebrand, Associate Editor


Benzoyl Peroxide and Benzene: Latest findings from John Barbieri, MD, MBA, FAAD

Researchers behind the latest benzene studies found no increased cancer risk with use of products containing benzoyl peroxide.

Kaitlyn Bader, Editor


Rad Quotes From RAD 2023

Experts in the field share why they enjoyed the 5th Annual Revolutionizing Atopic Dermatitis Conference and why it is unique.

John Browning, MD


John Browning, MD: Medical Errors, Confirmation Bias, and Emerging Therapies in Pediatric Dermatology

Browning discusses his participation in an SPD 2024 panel discussion, the future of pediatric dermatology, and more.

Mickey Bryson


Quality of Life + Closing Thoughts

Mickey Bryson describes the impact of atopic dermatitis on his quality of life and family, and the session concludes with final reflections.

Yvette C. Terrie, BSPharm, RPh


Pharmacists Play Crucial Role in Advising Patients With Androgenetic Alopecia

Pharmacists play a role in advising patients with hair loss about self-management and proper application of over the counter products.

Cheryl Burgess, MD


Skin of Color Considerations in Aesthetics

Cheryl Burgess, MD, will share pearls on counseling patients on appropriate cosmetic procedures for their skin type, safety measures, and strategies to achieve desired outcomes.

Xindi Chen


Overview of Prurigo Nodularis for Practicing Dermatology Clinicians

It is crucial to better understand, diagnose, and manage this skin condition associated with significant quality-of-life impairment.

Colleen Powers, MD


Dermatologic differences in a diverse population

Understanding the difference in biology and clinical presentations of cutaneous conditions in different skin types is critical for health care professionals to treat a diverse population.

Emmy Graber, MD, MBA


The Latest Updates in Isotretinoin With Emmy Graber, MD

Graber discusses isotretinoin dosing and monitoring pearls at SCALE 2023.

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