Janet Dyer


Further Research Needed to Study Link Between AD and ADHD

Researchers found an association between ADHD and three inflammatory conditions—atopic dermatitis, otitis media, and herpes simplex infection.

Jennifer Soung, MD


Roflumilast Patient Selection for Plaque Psoriasis Treatment

Experts describe roflumilast patient selection for plaque psoriasis treatment.

Ryan Scott


Nivolumab Plus Talazoparib Does Not Induce Responses in Heavily Pretreated Melanoma

Nivolumab plus talazoparib did not produce RECIST-based tumor responses in heavily pretreated patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma.

Thomas J. Knackstedt, MD, MPH, FACMS


Looking Ahead to the 2023 ACMS Meeting

The ACMS president and scientific program chair share opportunities to discover innovations in Mohs surgery during this weekend’s meeting.

Antonia DePace


Gut Microbiome Can Affect Radiation Cancer Treatment

The overgrowth of fungi could cause the immune system to stop fighting cancer, according to a study.

Andrew F. Alexis, MD, MPH


Future Directions in the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis

Andrew F. Alexis, MD, MPH, and Benjamin N. Lockshin, MD, talk about how clinical approaches and understanding of risk/benefit profiles are evolving in light of the emerging long-term data.

Robyn Siperstein, MD, FAAD


Hands-on Workshop Empowers Clinicians in Cosmetic Dermatology

Robin Siperstein, MD, FAAD, shares practical tips in cosmetic dermatology at the 2024 SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Meeting.

Jeffrey Cohen, MD


Key Takeaways on the Management of Atopic Dermatitis

Panelists share parting advice and key takeaways on the optimal management of atopic dermatitis within the treatment landscape.

Zakiya Pressley Rice, MD


Addressing Quality of Life Specifics Associated With Atopic Dermatitis and Skin of Color

Zakiya Pressley Rice, MD, took a deep dive into how atopic dermatitis severity and increased rates of grade school absenteeism affect patients with skin of color during a recent Masterclasses in Dermatology meeting.

Hannah Badon, MD


Dermatologic differences in a diverse population

Understanding the difference in biology and clinical presentations of cutaneous conditions in different skin types is critical for health care professionals to treat a diverse population.

Lloyd Miller, MD, PhD


Lloyd Miller, MD, PhD: Delving Into JNJ-2113 Data for Plaque Psoriasis

Miller, Vice President, Immunodermatology Disease Area Leader, Johnson & Johnson, spoke with Dermatology Times about recently published data supporting JNJ-2113's potential in this indication.

R. Caleb Kovell, MD


The Importance of Collaboration Between Mohs Surgeons and Urologists

Caleb Kovell, MD and Junqian Zhang, MD demonstrated how teaming up increases the likelihood for positive patient outcomes in Mohs cases on the genitalia and perianal region.

Saakshi Khattri, MD


Key Takeaways For the Management of Plaque Psoriasis

Experts in dermatology share closing thoughts on the management of plaque psoriasis.

Gina Battaglia, PhD, Correspondent


Frontline Forum Part 4: Improving Basal Cell Carcinoma Management

In the final part of this Frontline Forum series, Brent Moody, MD; Sarah Arron, MD, PhD; Justine Cohen, DO; Emily Ruiz, MD, MPH; and Todd Schlesinger, MD, review 4 real-world clinical cases of BCC and the treatments they utilized.

Stefan Weiss, MD, MBA, FAAD


SFA-002 Shows Promise in Early Clinical Trial Psoriasis Cohorts

Stefan Weiss, MD, MBA, explains next steps for the oral treatment after the completion of phase 1b enrollment.

Lauren Miller, MPAS, PA-C


Deucravacitinib: A Year in Review

As deucravacitinib surpasses its 1-year milestone since approval, clinicians continue to monitor its real-world performance among patients.

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD


BCC Patient Case Impressions

Sherrif F. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, and Vishal Patel, MD, FAAD, FACMS, provide initial impressions of the case and discuss the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Robert Den, MD


An Increase in Skin Cancer Calls for an Increase in Treatment Options

To address the increased rates of skin cancer while keeping unique patient needs top of mind, there is a pressing need to increase options for treatment.

Amar Davé, MD, FAAP;


The Dx and Rx of Congenital Malalignment Syndrome in Children

Congenital malalignment syndrome is a nail disorder caused by the lateral rotation of the nail matrix.

Evan Rieder, MD


Evan Rieder, MD: Equipping Patients With Tools for Skin Acceptance

Following this week's Science of Skin media roundtable hosted by AbbVie, panelist and dual-board certified dermatologist and psychiatrist Evan Rieder, MD, discusses the relationship between chronic skin conditions and mental health.

Inga Shugalo


Select Medical Software Based on Your Practice’s Life Cycle Stage

Though providers probably can use any type of medical software, the financial resources they are able to invest in medical solutions differ significantly based on the type of practice.

Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE


Addressing Cutaneous Blisters and Chronic Bullous Disorders With Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE

Megan Noe, MD, MPH, MSCE, reviews best practices for treating patients with cutaneous blisters and managing chronic bullous disorders.

Giselle Mosnaim, MD


Q&A: Late-Breaking REMIX-1 and REMIX-2 Data Demonstrated Efficacy of Remibrutinib in Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

Allergist immunologist Giselle Mosnaim, MD, recently spoke with Dermatology Times to discuss late-breaking phase 3 REMIX-1 and REMIX-2 data presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Annual Meeting.

Brielle Benyon


In Skin Cancer, Immunotherapy May Lead to Chronic Effects

Research showed that many patients with skin cancer who had been treated using immunotherapy, such as immune checkpoint inhibition, experienced chronic side effects.

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