Author | Norman Levine, M.D.


When is the right time to retire?

December 06, 2019

Norman Levine, M.D., discusses the potential benefits and pitfalls of retiring from dermatology.

Preserving medically-oriented dermatologists

August 01, 2019

Medical dermatologists are a vital part of overall quality care, but the financial draw of procedural and aesthetic practices are making it harder for these types of physicians to thrive, says Dr. Levine.

Dermatology Times at 40 years

July 01, 2019

As Dermatology Times celebrates 40 years of continuous publication, we asked Dr. Levine to share his thoughts on his years of contribution to the publication.

Dermatologists as co-conspirators?

March 28, 2019

According to this expert, honesty is the best policy – especially when appealing to insurance carriers on behalf of your patients.