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What’s New in the Medicine Chest With James Del Rosso, DO


James Del Rosso, DO, shares key highlights from his Winter Clinical Hawaii sessions.

At the 2023 Winter Clinical Hawaii Dermatology Conference, James Del Rosso, DO, adjunct clinical professor of dermatology at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and co-director and co-founder of the Fall and Winter Clinical dermatology conferences, shares important highlights from his sessions “What’s New in the Medicine Chest? Part 1 & 2.”


I'm Jim Del Rosso, a dermatologist in practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I do have a research center. I'm also an adjunct clinical professor at Touro University of Nevada. And I'm very involved in dermatology. I'm actually a senior vice president of clinical research and strategic development at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, based in Maitland, Florida, I help organize their clinical research. It's a pleasure to be here today and talk about what's new in the medicine chest.

So, if we take a moment and just smell how good things are in dermatology right now, and really keep up to the minute, I'm getting some new information here. So we're here up to the minute on what's new in the medicine chest in dermatology. So we cover a variety of different areas, some of the newer topical treatments, some of the advances and the non-steroidal therapies, we have an Aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist. And we also have a PDE4 inhibitor. But it's different than than previous PDE4 inhibitors in several ways that certain definite advantages based on what we see from the data. And both of these agents are major advances and in non steroidal treatment, approved for plaque psoriasis, but also being evaluated for atopic dermatitis. And we cover a variety of other topical agents, some advances in vehicle formulation, and combination therapies. But a lot of the focus is on advances in systemic therapy. And despite all the confusion that's been going on in the world, you know, dealing with COVID-19, and how we're handling things in the practice dealing with lidocaine shortages and all this other commotion. Dermatology, it's been a banner year, we've had new approvals. We have new drugs coming or ones that have already come. We have new indications with some agents that have already been available before. There's a lot going on with diseases that we've had a lot of difficulty treating like vitiligo, alopecia areata, hidradenitis suppurativa. We have data now, coming forward on Lichen Planus. And even cutaneous lupus with certain therapies, we have a new oral agent for psoriasis, that is the first inhibitor of tyrosine kinase two that's, that's an important mechanism that is devoid of the black box warnings that we see with other Janus kinase inhibitors, but also data on those agents, the Janus kinase one and two inhibitors for atopic dermatitis. New information in that group of patients that helped us define how we can use these safely, and not necessarily get into the potential concerns that we have with side effects. Very often, there's new data on that. So it's a really very exciting time. I focus on bringing forward what I think is important to know what's different about the disease states and how we might approach managing them and what we can expect from the treatments and making it really practical. So the clinicians out in the trenches can really feel comfortable and utilize these therapies. There's a lot coming so stay tuned, and there's a lot already here that we could immediately get our patients better with.

Transcript edited for clarity

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