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Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PhD, MPHS, Gets Excited About the Upcoming RAD Conference


Jonathan Silverberg, MD, PHD, MPHS, talks about the exciting highlights of the Revolutionizing Atopic Dermatitis virtual conference on December 11.

Transcript (edited for clarity):

RAD is really the first international multidisciplinary conferences addressing atopic dermatitis and the broader comorbidities that that impact patients. There is so much happening in atopic dermatitis, so many new therapies, it's absolutely amazing to see. We are in a golden era of atopic dermatitis. So I'm really excited. We'll have our first mini-symposium addressing treatment updates and atopic dermatitis, really practical grounded for the clinician, what are the new therapies? How do we use them when to use them? There will be abn amazing panel discussion that will be used to highlight different ways in which we can treat our complicated patients with these newer therapies.

And then in the afternoon, we're going to be addressing a really exciting aspect of the of this year's conference, the mental health aspects of the disease. But again, practical information and grounded for the clinician: what can we do to help our patients who are really suffering have a tremendous emotional burden from their disease, along with practical take home messages from really experts in the field who will deal with this on a day to day basis.

There's been a tremendous amount of growth and expansion in terms of new technology but also, as it applies to dermatology in general as well as atopic dermatitis [specifically], so we'll have a great discussion about, you know, some of the new innovations when it comes to digital medicine and things we can do to better monitor patients between visits [as well as] things that we can incorporate into our own treatment decision making.

There's going to be a great debate, a great battle that I'm going to have with professor Eric Simpson about how to really decide when to step up therapy, and who are the right patients that are eligible for systemic treatment. It’s going to be a really fun and informative session. And then there's just an incredible amount of abstracts, over 50 novel research abstracts submitted with some incredibly important stuff from a clinical perspective and from some of the new late breaking research as well. So, stay tuned for the late breaking research session towards the end of the day, some really exciting stuff being presented there. That's going to change the field.

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