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Weekly Roundup: December 21-25


ICYMI, some of the content featured this week includes stories on laser-assisted delivery of tranexamic acid for melasma, the link between smoking and rosacea development, plus more.

In case you missed it, some of this week’s featured content includes stories on the link between smoking and rosacea development, why cybercriminals are targeting dermatology practices, laser-assisted delivery of tranexamic acid for treatment of melasma, ustekinumab being associated with increased cardiovascular risk in some patients, plus more.

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The Mainstream Patient: December 21

This week’s edition of The Mainstream Patient features stories on the benefits of turmeric and licorice root, hydrocolloid bandages for treating acne, sensitive versus sensitized skin, plus more.

Ustekinumab associated with increased cardiovascular risk in some patients

A recent study found patients with high baseline cardiovascular risk who had taken ustekinumab were at increased risk for developing severe cardiovascular events following treatment.

Smoking and rosacea link still hazy

Several studies present data that contradicts one another when examining the possible link between rosacea development and smoking.

Laser-assisted delivery of tranexamic acid for melasma

Findings from two recent pilot studies suggest 1927 nm fractional thulium fiber laser-assisted topical tranexamic acid delivery is a safe, effective melasma treatment option.

Cybercriminals targeting dermatology practices

Gary Salman, CEO, Black Talon Security, explains why cybercriminals are now targeting dermatology and cosmetic surgery practices.

Quality of life, mental health issues common in rosacea patients

According to a study conducted by Galderma, both rosacea and psoriasis have a significant QOL impact on patients, with a proportion of patients reporting feelings of anxiety and depression due to their disease.

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