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Sentient Sculpt Microwave Therapy for Cellulite Introduced in US


The technology is the first non-invasive microwave treatment for cellulite to produce results on all skin types.

The first non-invasive, electromagnetic and microwave treatment for cellulite, Sentient Sculpt, has been officially introduced in the US.

Tanya Kozhnovskaya/AdobeStock
Tanya Kozhnovskaya/AdobeStock

Sentient, LLC, an aesthetic care device provider, announced the news in a press release Monday.1 According to the release, Sentient Sculpt produces consistent results across all skin types and features US Food and Drug Administration- (FDA) cleared technology.

While Sentient Sculpt has been used across Europe (under a different name) for the past 4 years, this marks the first time a product of this nature has been offered in the US. Sentient Sculpt is offered exclusively by Sentient, LLC.

Sentient Sculpt does not utilize laser technology. It uses 2.45 Gigahertz of energy, which is 2000 times more powerful than existing cellulite treatment technologies; 80% of this is sent directly into a patient’s fat tissue. This energy increases tissue temperature while cooling a patient’s skin at the same time.

According to the press release, competitors offering cellulite treatment typically reach 10% to 20% of depth and are either absorbed into the skin or incise tissue.

“In terms of what Sentient Sculpt is able to do, it's much more energy deeper and faster. So it lets us create the tissue conditions that we need to generate the body contouring and body smoothing changes that we're targeting in a 12 to 15 minute treatment, which is substantially faster than we previously could,” said Lawrence Bass, MD and founder and medical director of Bass Plastic Surgery in the press release. “It's hard to have a treatment that fits all purposes, makes every individual patient happy, regardless of how advanced their conditions are. But we've had pretty much a universally positive experience with my patients over the last 15 months.”

Sentient Sculpt technology has also been tested in a safety and efficacy study.2 In 2022, researchers published a study on microwave therapy for cellulite treatment in the Journal of Clinical Medicine

The study, published in January 2020, involved 26 female patients with a body mass index of at least 22.6. Participants had cellulite in their gluteal and posterior thigh regions and were analyzed using the Cellulite Severity (CSS) and Nürnberger–Müller Classification (NMCS) scales.

Between participants’ initial assessment and their 3-month follow-up assessment, CSS scores decreased in severity. At the beginning of the study, 9 participants had markedly severe cellulite and 15 had moderate cellulite. By the study’s conclusion, 0 participants fell under the severe category and 7 were assessed as moderate.

The average number of depressions, average depth of depressions, morphological appearance of participants’ skin, laxity, flaccidity, and skin sagging all decreased or decreased significantly over the duration of the study.

None of the patients experienced pain reactions, but redness of skin was visible after receiving the treatment. Ultimately, study authors noted that no adverse effects were demonstrable.

According to Scientific American, 90% of women and 10% of men are affected by cellulite.

Recently, the FDA has cleared SofWave technology which treats cellulite by targeting and thickening the skin’s dermal layer. In 2021, the FDA cleared a Rapid Acoustic Pulse treatment by Soliton.

“We see the aesthetics industry still depends on equipment with old technology that really doesn’t effectively address cellulite, leaves many patients disappointed, and undermines opportunities for customers’ businesses to grow,” said Sentient Chief Executive Officer Chris Cella in the press release. “We went around the world to find industry leading innovations in aesthetics and are excited to offer the first impactful non-invasive device for cellulite, Sentient Sculpt, which we expect to be a game changer.”


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