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Overview of Maui Derm NP+PA Fall 2023


Discover the data-driven pearls that will be presented in the main program at Maui Derm NP+PA Fall 2023.

Maui Derm NP+PA Fall 2023 in Asheville, North Carolina provides an opportunity for nurse practitioners and physician assistants to learn from leaders in dermatology to explain the pathogenesis of various conditions, cite the mechanisms of action of drugs and therapies that are commonly prescribed, describe potential adverse effects and resistance issues in treatments, and define the appropriate outcome measures for optimal follow-up with patients.

Dermatology Times will cover pearls and insights from the main program. Aside from thought-provoking posters in the exhibit hall, there are several captivating sessions planned.

wellphoto/Adobe Stock

wellphoto/Adobe Stock

Here's what you can expect each day:

Thursday, September 28

The main program begins bright and early with a literature review to discuss top articles published in 2023, affecting the way NPs and PAs practice dermatology treatment. New drugs and therapies in 2023 will be showcased to provide the key elements to the early adoption in a dermatology practice.

Matthew Zirwas, MD, and Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, plan to discuss challenges of managing a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas when a patient says they have a red itchy rash during the session "Contact Dermatitis vs. Something Else." New drugs, data, and approaches for psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and atopic dermatitis will wrap up day 1.

Friday, September 29

Ted Rosen, MD, will kick off an update on infectious diseases and the role of dermatology clinicians. He and other leaders will share diagnostic and therapeutic challenges in all ages with viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and arthropod diseases. Jerry Shapiro, MD, takes the stage afterward to delve into hair disorders from non-scarring to scarring alopecias. He will present how he manages alopecia of all types with the latest treatment options available.

Phoebe Rich, MD, returns to the Maui Derm stage to help clinicians nail the most challenging nail disorder cases and determine when a nail biopsy is needed. Other hot sessions for the day include the latest in inflammatory diseases, acne and rosacea, and cutaneous oncology challenges and opportunities to enhance patient outcomes.

Saturday, September 30

The last day of Maui Derm NP+PA Fall 2023 kicks off with an overview of how to help pediatric patients from neonates to adolescents with issues such as rashes, viral exanthems, lumps and bumps, and creative solutions for hard-to-treat common conditions. Ted Rosen, MD; Jane Bellet, MD; and Raj Chovatiya, MD, PhD, will present a series of incredibly challenging cases that required them to draw upon their decades of diagnostic and therapeutic skills. All eyes will be on a particularly challenging case of hidradenitis suppurativa. The last of the main sessions includes a pigmented lesion clinic taking a deep dive into strategies and considerations to treat congenital nevi, atypical nevi, Spitz nevi, and melanoma.

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