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‘Here Comes the Sun’

Aesthetic AuthorityUncharted Territory: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.2
Volume 1
Issue 2
Pages: 2

In his latest editorial, Dr. Randolph Waldman reflects on practicing aesthetic medicine during the pandemic and paints a picture of hope for where the specialty goes from here.

The recent pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. It has certainly been a time of reflection on life in general but also our practice life. Many of us have experienced what it is like to have our livelihoods put on hold, not to mention the incessant fear of contracting the coronavirus. No, these are not normal times and certainly not something most of us in the medical world even thought possible. But here we are. The reality has set in.

Most of us have reopened our practices but with some limitations and an abundance of caution — caution to protect ourselves but, just as important, our patients and staff. There have been countless webinars helping guide us through a landscape that is continuously changing. I have now collaborated with the Aesthetic Authority on four of these, all of which were developed with 100% editorial integrity and no outside sponsorship influences. We did it because we wanted to do our part: colleagues helping colleagues; professionals helping professionals. The Medico-Legal Panel was particularly sobering, as we live in the only country in the world with more attorneys than physicians.

Now we move forward and inch toward normalcy or, hopefully, something close. We will continue to network with one another, and this publication will continue to do its part in helping us navigate these treacherous waters. At this point, let’s hope we have seen the worst that mother nature can offer and that we all stay healthy and are in a position years from now to talk to our younger colleagues and grandchildren about the Pandemic of 2020.

But for now, remember to look at the process of rebuilding our practices as a marathon, with an eye on the months to come. Our focus should be on making certain that we do things the right way and should consider all of those who work so hard for us as well as those who love us. Wishing everyone health and happiness in the days ahead. And, hopefully, my favorite Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun," paints a picture of where we go from here.

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