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“Effortless transformation” PRX-T33 revolution in aesthetic industry in the US

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Aesthetic AuthorityUncharted Territory: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.2
Volume 1
Issue 2

Since its introduction, WiQo PRX-T33 has taken the US by storm. An ideal care protocol for busy women, it does not require prolonged rehabilitation and has immediate results.

I had the pleasure of practicing facial plastic surgery in the US over the last 25 years and have seen many tech­niques and treatments come and go. I have seen the boom of chemical peels replaced by a variety of ablative and non-ablative lasers increasing the cost and fre­quently bringing little benefit to our patients. Some of those treatments had some useful nich­es, however most of them were associated with treatment discomfort and a prolonged post-procedure recovery. The results were noticeable, however they were frequently better with more “aggressive” procedures and were associated with greater risks and complications.

What was missing was a procedure that would fill the needs of modern working women (and men) to be safe, quick, effective, long-lasting with min­imal downtime. This procedure was missing until WiQo product PRX-T33 was introduced to the Unit­ed States at the end of last year.

The basic canon of aesthetic medicine was that procedure must be aggressive to be effective. This is something I learned in my residency and was reinforced in my fellowship. This is a belief I held until PRX-PROTOCOL was first integrated into my aesthetic practice. I was first introduced to this product at the International Aesthetic Con­ference by my fellow European colleagues in 2019. My wife had her first application and was amazed by the results. The effects were immediate. Her skin felt firmer, was more translucent with a sense of “glow”. The procedure was quick, no more than 20 minutes. There was no discomfort other than mild itching during the application. There was no downtime and she was able to use her makeup so we could meet our friends for dinner the same day.

Since its introduction, PRX-T33 has taken the US by storm. It is an ideal care protocol for a busy woman, as it does not require prolonged rehabili­tation and has immediate results. With over 2 mil­lion applications performed since the product was put to market in 2012, the safety and efficacy of this protocol - currently used in over 40 countries - is unmatched.

PRX-T33 contains 33% trichloroacetic acid (TCA) - which is reflected in its name - as well as hydrogen peroxide, the real key ingredient in an “effortless transformation” revolution. The symbi­otic relationship between those components leads to beautification: this is the stroke of genius which led to the international patent of PRX-T33, granted in 2006.

PRX-T33 Perfect Intense Liquid is easy to use in the practice setting, can be applied by skin thera­pists under physician supervision and has multiple immediate and long-lasting benefits to our clients. It is non-photosensitizing and can be used year-round, safe on all Fitzpatrick skin types and has essentially no need for downtime. As stated be­fore, results are visible and palpable after the ini­tial procedure and are stable for 6-8 months after a series of 4 to 5 weekly sessions.

For those who are scientifically curious, I can tell you that the mechanism of action is based on a controlled stimulation of the skin thanks to the bal­anced action of the ingredients on the skin. This allows to improve the quality and the skin texture without the side effects commonly associated with peels. There is a lot of science behind PRX-T33 pro­tocol and I invite you to reach out and take part in the extensive training provided.

WiQo products

Other than obvious patient benefit, there is also a significant benefit to an aesthetic practice. It is a “low risk, high benefit” office procedure that can be performed under physician’s supervision in a medical spa setting by a licensed aestheti­cian. WiQo.US will train and certify your staff in product use and a proper care protocol including step-by-step recommendations. A low initial cost and a high patient retention is ideal for a physician owned medical spa.

All products available through WiQo line have been thoroughly researched and are used exten­sively and nearly exclusively in our facility. PRX PROTOCOL is popular with both men and wom­en, has few limitations and is safe for all age and skin type patients. The company recommends the use of WiQo Moisturizing Face Cream for Dry Skin to restore the hydro-lipidic film immediate­ly after the procedure, and then at home to mini­mize post-care exfoliation. WiQo Facial Smoothing Fluid should also be used to lower the skin pH and create the ideal conditions to prolong the effects of the in-office application.

I have introduced PRX-PROTOCOL in Octo­ber 2019 and it has currently been used for care of face and chest, hands, acne scars and stretch marks and the results have been excellent! The product is well received by our patients and staff. Follow-up procedures are scheduled at the time of departure and the home care protocol is well followed by nearly everyone. Please be aware that advanced applications with PRX-T33 include Mi­croneedling and PDO threads. The company goes to great lengths to provide webinars for addition­al training and certification, and US based staff is available if requested for additional training and to answer whatever questions you may have. I found the manufacturing company GPQ srl to be both responsive and responsible in providing additional information and training.

I was so impressed with this product I be­came a US based Medical Director for GPQ srl. I am proud to be part of the WiQo team and to in­troduce “effortless transformation” care proto­col to my US colleagues.

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