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Hands-on Workshop Empowers Clinicians in Cosmetic Dermatology


Robin Siperstein, MD, FAAD, shares practical tips in cosmetic dermatology at the 2024 SDPA Annual Summer Dermatology Meeting.

From building connections with patients to understanding the foundations of cosmetic dermatology from A to Z, Robin Siperstein, MD, FAAD, hopes attendees leave her session with the tools for a successful practice. Siperstein’s Cosmetic Dermatology Workshop is kicking off the 2024 Society for Dermatology Physician Assistants Annual Summer Dermatology Conference in San Diego, California.

“I'm going to start out with neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport. We'll talk about how they came about, how they were invented, and the different options we have as well as the science behind them,” she told Dermatology Times in an exclusive interview. “And hopefully through educating about the muscles and the anatomy it'll give attendees an insight into why we recommend how we treat.”

“The most exciting part about this course is going to be our cadaver dissection,” Siperstein said. “We're going to be literally showing you the injections with dye product and then be able to dissect the different anatomical layers and show exactly where we want to be and why. And, most importantly, point out danger zones. I'll be able to show you the major arteries, what planes they tend to lie in, and how to best avoid them so that we don't get into major complications like vascular occlusions.”

Siperstein also will be discussing the importance of patient education and how to conduct a successful consult. She takes a positive approach when approaching patients, and helps them think about what they want to improve and enhance. “A lot of people don't exactly remember what you've said, but they remember how they feel about the consult,” she told Dermatology Times. “In the beginning, a lot of my consults were very negative with patients just complaining and often crying. And I just decided at that point that I wanted to do a totally different way of consulting… It is important to heal both the mind and the body.”

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