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BoNTE Benefits


BoNTE is in phase 2 trials and features a clinical profile characterized by a rapid 24-hour onset of action and a two- to four-week duration of effect, offering a limited but useful role in practice.

This is part 3 of a 4-part series

Part 1: The Cosmetic Toxin Pipeline

Part 2: DAXI for Duration

If approved, BoNTE would likely be the first non-serotype A toxin available to patients, according to Steve Yoelin, M.D., a board-certified ophthalmologist with a private facial aesthetics practice in Newport Beach, Calif. Dr. Yoelin conducted research on BoNTE and DAXI.

BoNTE is in phase 2 trials and features a different clinical profile, characterized by a rapid onset of action within 24 hours and a two- to four-week duration of effect. It would have a limited but useful place in practice, experts agree.

Short duration may have benefits. BoNTE might be useful for patients that have an event coming up and need results quickly. Another potential use is as a training tool, according to Dr. Yoelin.

“You could treat a group of patients and have them come in the next day and see results. It would be nice to get closer to that immediate feedback when training injectors,” he says.

BoNTE would also be a good option for patients who are new to toxins and want to test the waters, according to Dr. Kaufman.

“I would not be considering DAXI for those patients,” Dr. Kaufman says.

Still another use, according to Dr. Kaufman, could be to treat pain. Neurotoxins have been shown to effectively manage acute and postsurgical pain, she says.

Amelia K. Hausauer, M.D., a cosmetic fellowship-trained dermatologist and director of dermatology at Aesthetx in Silicon Valley, Calif., agrees that BoNTE would have specific uses in the practice, including for new and hesitant patients and as a quick fix, either as a full treatment or touch up, she says.

“However, I see this more a complement to our longer lasting agents,” Dr. Hausauer says. “People generally want to come in less frequently rather than more frequently.”

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