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AARS on Supporting and Educating Patients with Acne


The organization is highlighting stories and resources during Acne Awareness Month through the power of social media.

Patient with acne | Image Credit: © Марина Демешко - stock.adobe.com

Image Credit: © Марина Демешко - stock.adobe.com

During the month of June, the American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) is spotlighting members’ stories about their experiences living with, treating, and studying acne in an effort to spread accurate medical information during National Acne Awareness Month.The AARS wrote in a press release that although acne is the most common skin disease and affects most people at some point during their lifetime, it remains misunderstood and can be associated with misinformation.1

“As the only national professional society dedicated to supporting research, education, and patient care for patients with acne, hidradenitis suppurativa--also known as acne inversa--and rosacea, the AARS continuously works to spread knowledge and counter misinformation about acne,” AARS President James Q. Del Rosso, DO, said in the press release.

Social Media and Misinformation

Although technological advancements such as social media allow products and professionals to reach a wider audience, data from a 2023 review suggested that social media adds to the burden of adolescent skin disease, resulting in a negative body image and depression.2 In order to address the quality of life impact on patients with acne, dispel myths, and discuss treatment options, AARS is taking to its own social media throughout the month of June. The organization has also published a social media toolkit for members to use to help spread acne facts on their own social media.

“We really need to take this disease seriously,” said AARS President-Elect Jonathan Weiss, MD, in the press release. He noted that acne,“can have a major impact on both a person’s physical being and their psyche. It is not just a cosmetic issue, but it is a serious inflammatory issue, and we have great treatments available.”

Mental Health Concerns

Members of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Task Forces on QoL and Patient Oriented Outcomes and Acne, Rosacea, and Hidradenitis Suppurativa recently tested and developed a new questionnaire to better understand the mindset and quality of life issues for patients with acne for this exact reason.3 After recognizing a need for an acne-specific quality of life questionnaire, they found the most pertinent factors to be: Socioeconomical, Symptoms, and Stigma and Suicidal Thoughts. More information on this and other patient wellbeing related studies can be found in Dermatology Times’ recent coverage commemorating Mental Health Awareness Month.

Case-based Treatment

AARS notes in addition to prescription treatments there are devices, peels, and in-office treatments available to patients. Most recently, discoveries such as rehmannia glutinosa leaf extract for acne severity and improved skin hydration and a combination of surgical and non-surgical approaches have proved successful for researchers.4,5

“Scientific research and clinical trials to improve acne scars are still hot research topics in medicine. There are now many effective ways to improve acne scars. Still, each acne treatment method has its advantages and disadvantages, which can be optimized by combination therapy to achieve better results,” the authors behind the combination treatment study noted.


AARS is made up of dermatology medical professionals and has a 3-part mission to:

  1. Facilitate the interchange of knowledge and to stimulate education among experts from varied scientific backgrounds in the areas of acne, hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), and rosacea
  2. Improve the care of patients who suffer from acne/HS, and rosacea
  3. Promote and fun acne/HS and rosacea clinical research and mentorship opportunities for dermatology healthcare professionals

The organization hosts conferences, helps fund clinical research grants, facilitates a mentorship program for future leaders and provides overall resources for the dermatology medical community.


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Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD, an expert on acne
Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD, an expert on acne
Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD, an expert on acne
Heather Woolery-Lloyd, MD, FAAD, an expert on acne
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