4 drug resource apps that aid patient care


These four apps can change the way you treat and connect with your patients.

Epocrates RX

This app helps dermatologists deliver accurate drug-related information to patients at the point-of-care. It’s a quick reference tool that incorporates association guidelines, reference tables and calculator tools.

Epocrates RXIt also gives access to prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic and over-the-counter drugs, such as dosing for drugs that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration and those with off-label indications, black box warning, adverse reactions, drug interactions, pregnancy risk categories and more.
The app offers the ability to identify pills based on color, shape and imprint code. You can quickly find the drug-drug interactions for up to 30 drugs at one time. In addition, dermatologists can search an extensive listing of more than 700,000 physicians by specialty and clinical interest for referral or consult.

Local Anesthesia

This quick-reference calculator helps guide dermatologists in dosing with one or multiple local anesthetics. After inputting relevant patient information, the physician selects the agent and receives the maximum recommended dose in milligrams, maximum number of cartridges, the maximum dose milligrams/kilogram of patient weight, and milligrams/cartridge.
An overdose section allows dermatologists to calculate toxicity of one or more drugs and receive information detailing maximum toxic doses for each agent used.
www.altrasolution.comMicromedex Drug Information

Visualize Micromedex’s suite of evidence-based findings as an easy to navigate mobile tool that allows dermatologists access to concise drug information, including dosing, indications, black box warnings, contraindications, drug interactions and adverse effects. It can be searched by using more than 4,500 search terms.
www.micromedex.comTarascon Pharmacopoeia

Another portable drug reference resource, this app also aims to help dermatologists make better decisions at the point of care by distilling and organizing hard-to-remember clinical information. This mobile-friendly version of its portable print  pocket resource includes 47 drug reference tables, 15 calculators and peer-reviewed information on Food and Drug Administration-approved and off-label drug dosing, trade and generic formulations, and safety information.

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