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2024 Masterclasses in Dermatology Sneak Peek With Alice Gottlieb, MD, PhD


Learn what makes the Masterclasses in Dermatology conference a unique educational opportunity, and take a quick poll to tell us what you want to learn.

The 2024 Masterclasses in Dermatology conference kicks off this morning in Puerto Rico with an agenda covering several disease states and specialties. Alice Gottlieb, MD, PhD, clinical professor and medical director at the Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, New York.

Gottlieb is a dermatologist and rheumatologist, and believes collaboration and understanding how dermatologists play a key role in several specialties in medicine.

"It's multidisciplinary teaching to a practicing dermatologist. So we're going to have an excellent gastroenterologist talking about Crohn's disease to dermatologists and allergists talking about food allergies and eczema. The chief of wound healing at Harvard Mass General is going to talk how you repair these miserable lesions that patients with severe hidradenitis suppurativa [HS] have. We're going to have rheumatologist talking about various aspects of connective tissue disease, radiologist talking about radiographic methods in dermatology, and I could go on," Gottlieb told Dermatology Times. "I think that that that it's intimate, and attendees can have a lot of contact with the key opinion leader selectors. And often they bring us their problem cases."

Dermatology Times will be covering session pearls to put into practice. If you are here, please reach out and connect with us at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com. If you are following coverage from a distance, answer our poll below.

What would you like to learn more about?

New data in common disease states
Updates in aesthetic dermatology techniques
Dermatology's role in other specialties
Dermatologic surgery challenges and opportunities

Registration is still open for virtual events. A virtual registration will ensure on-demand sessions available 5 days after the conclusion of the meeting.

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