Author | William J. Lynott


Cost of living: Plan financial future with long-term inflation in mind

November 01, 2009

Political considerations aside, President Obama's fiscal policies are likely to serve eventually as a stimulant to growth in our economy. That's why I believe that it's time to take the likelihood of long-term inflation into account as you plan your financial future.

Conservative investing: Certificates of deposit offer stability, protection in turbulent times

October 01, 2009

If you're of a conservative bent, you probably have some of your savings invested in bank certificates of deposit (CDs). If so, you're already well aware of the poor rates that CDs are paying these days.

On the horizon: Deciding when to collect your Social Security benefits is a highly personal matter

September 01, 2009

Whether your retirement is off in the distance or just over the horizon, eventually you will have to decide when to start drawing your Social Security benefits. That decision will have a significant effect on your financial future. The more you know about your options, the better your chance for making the decision that is right for you.

The price of gold: Investment vehicle appealing, yet risky

August 01, 2009

For thousands of years, gold has been viewed by many as the ultimate safe haven for investors, especially in times of economic distress. If these gut-wrenching times have you thinking about investing in gold as a guiding hand through the fiscal wilderness, you're not alone. Recent spikes in the price of gold reflect the usual emotional attachment to that commodity in times of economic gloom.

Investment fundamentals

February 01, 2009

As a busy professional or business owner, you're affected by our troubled economy on two fronts. First is your obvious concern about revenues and maintaining a healthy bottom line. Then, like everyone else, you also have the worry about your personal finances.

Avoid the 'herd' mentality: Stay focused on long-term investment goals

December 01, 2008

When it comes to investing our money, human nature likes to play tricks on us. When the stock market is reaching new peaks, we can't wait to jump in. When it stumbles and falls, we stop investing - or worse, we start selling. Despite the lessons of the past, that insistent inner voice keeps urging us to follow the crowd.

Killer debt

January 01, 2008

The worst financial foe, unmanageable personal and business debt, has reached an alarming level in the United States. According to Cambridge Consumer Credit Index, an astonishing 42 percent of Americans are paying only the minimum due on their credit card balances each month. Chip away at existing debt little by little, starting by paying off the smallest balance.

Live long and prosper

April 01, 2007

Some business sales are structured in a way that provides for the former owner to remain a consultant for periods as long as several years.

Turn the table on taxes

March 01, 2007

You now have a choice of deducting either your state and local income taxes or state and local sales taxes, but not both.

Taking political shift into account

February 01, 2007

While the future for investors and savers is, as always, a bit cloudy, it's likely that sticking with the basics will continue to be your best bet.