Ellen Meyer Schneider



Insights Improve Aging Skin

May 01, 2003

San Francisco - According to two recent studies, palmitoyl-pentapeptide (pal-KTTKS) may offer improvement in wrinkles and other age-related complaints, without the redness and other side effects associated with retinol-based products.

Genes Double Sun Damage

May 01, 2003

San Francisco -A cross-sectional survey of twins suggests that genetic effects are most important in the development of photodamage.

Prescribing for Two

May 01, 2003

San Francisco - Which drugs can be used safely used during pregnancy? According to Valerie Hanft, M.D., patients and their doctors can assess the risks of the many different drugs available over the counter and by prescription by first referring to the FDA pregnancy safety rating for the drug in question.