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Evidence-Based Results: Combining PRX-T33/Microneedling

Partner Content
Aesthetic AuthorityLooking Forward: Aesthetic Authority Vol.1: No.4
Volume 1
Issue 4

Dr. Zunaid Alli shares his journey to evidence-based results: PRX-T33/microneedling in combination for pores and scars.

WiQo partner content

I first heard of PRX-T33 Perfect Intense Liquid from a well-respected aesthetic representative who was aware of my interest in chemical peels. I have performed many TCA based treatments in my clinic and is quite familiar with that product. That combination of 33% TCA with hydrogen peroxide and Kojic acid used is a bio-revitalization agent seems new and exciting. This made sense as each individual component has a significant merit but this particular combination was new to the aesthetic market.

I had my doubts that this product would offer significant benefit over already existing TCA treatment protocol. Would the ingredients work well together in a synergistic fashion? What would the outcome be for my clients as the product claimed to be “one size fits all”? Would there be a downtime for my patients? Just a few burning questions that popped into my head before agreeing to attend the training session. I have all too often seen and tried new products within the industry with good marketing and poor limited effects which prove to be nothing more than aesthetic fads.

After the first training session with PRX-T33, my skepticism flew out of the window! The immediate results spoke for themselves. The science behind this formulation seemed simple, effective and clever.

This protocol is effective for all Fitzpatrick skin types, can be used year-round and can be combined with other frequently offered procedures such as toxin administration, microneedling, PRP, PDO threads and dermal fillers.

PRX-T33 quickly replaced my standard baseline “peel” as I started using it as a primer before other treatments. Clients would come in requesting PRX-T33 by name, not ever having any kind of aesthetic treatments before. The greatest growth in my first year was from clients booking to have a PRX-T33 session together with their 3-monthly toxin treatments and from there it quickly gained a reputation as a medical grade facial without any actual peeling. Most of my clients are busy executives and cannot afford to have visible downtime. In 2020 more so with the rise in video conferencing and work from home. Hence a quick and effective procedure such as PRX-T33 lead to a high satisfaction level. The easy to follow 3-step application protocol is safe and effective for even the most novel of skins. The profit margins are exceptionally good and PRX-T33 does not require any specialized equipment or devices to perform. All that is required is a steady hand, an applicator and nitrile gloves. It is as easy as that. The application technique remains the same for other areas such as the neck, chest and hands.

In higher Fitzpatrick skin types, PRX-T33 does not cause dreaded post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and this is thanks to the addition of Kojic acid to the formulation.

Patients experience the instant tightening effects, as well as softening of lines and wrinkles together with an overall brightening and radiance of their complexion. Stretch marks and sunspots on the face, neck, décolleté and hands are also effectively improved by using PRX-T33.

My greatest success with PRX-T33 is a combination treatment with microneedling for the treatment of depressed scars and hyperpigmentation associated with acne. A course of three sessions, one month apart where at each session, a base layer of PRX-T33 is applied to the whole face, immediately followed by mechanical microneedling. This synergistic protocol provides the multiple benefits such as tightening of the depressed scar, lifting from the base, collagen induction and lightening of the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Significant improvements can be seen from the first session in both texture and tone of the skin. This regimen is just as effective as the previous TCA treatment but significantly decreases healing time and posttreatment morbidity.

This protocol is excellent for clients who have large open pores and require skin tightening and sebum control. Moderate sun damage with hyperpigmented were collagen and elastin stimulation is required can also benefit from this treatment. The results are visible, effective and long-lasting leading to high patient satisfaction.

I had become such a dedicated user of PRX-T33 that I did not hesitate to become the UK trainer for the WiQo portfolio of products when approached, of course with PRX-T33 becoming the leading procedure in skin biorevitalisation.

Dr. Zunaid Alli, MBBCh, MBA, HonsBSc, BSc, London (UK)

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