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Weekly Roundup: April 5-9, 2021


ICYMI, some of this week’s featured content includes stories on the cyberwar against health care practices, the link between oxytocin and skin aging, baricitinib for alopecia areata, plus more.

POLL: What dermal fillers do you most often inject?

The Mainstream Patient: April 5, 2021

This week’s edition of The Mainstream Patient features stories on sweat reduction, vitamin C serums and sensitive skin, the importance of sebum, plus more.

Study: Depression, Anxiety Reduce Likelihood of Achieving Minimal Disease Activity in PsA Patients

A new study in Arthritis Care & Research found depression and anxiety reduces the possibility of achieving minimal disease activity in patients with psoriatic arthritis.

Biologic Therapy for Psoriasis May Reduce Heart Disease

A study found psoriasis patients treated with biologic therapy had a significant reduction in high-risk plaque in heart arteries over 1 year.

2021 Rosacea Report

New treatments continue to expand therapy options, but a cure remains elusive.

The Cyberwar Against Health Care Practices

How hackers plan to attack your practice—and what you can do about it.

The Role of Vitamin D in Keloid Scar Treatment

A recent study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology examines the safety and efficacy of using vitamin D intralesional injection for the treatment of keloid scars.

Risankizumab Submitted for Regulatory Approval to FDA, EMA for Psoriatic Arthritis

AbbVie announces the submission of regulatory filings for risankizumab to the FDA and EMA seeking approval for the drug as a treatment for psoriatic arthritis.

Laser Device Purchases Are Guided by Multiple Factors

Determine whether a laser device is a good investment for a specific practice and, if so, how to choose the right piece of equipment.

The Cutaneous Connection: Episode 21- Oxytocin and Skin Aging

In this episode, Nicole Hayre, MD, FAAD, discusses her research on the link between the "love hormone" oxytocin and younger-looking skin.

Baricitinib Shows Hair Regrowth in Phase 3 Study for AA

Eli Lilly and Incyte announce results from its phase 3 study evaluating baricitinib 2 mg and 4 mg for the treatment of alopecia areata, making it the first Phase 3 study with top-line results in patients with the hair disorder.

Emerging Agents Augment Melasma Modalities

An array of agents for blocking visible light and lightening skin are joining the armamentarium to treat melasma. Despite this expanding number of therapeutic interventions, melasma is a chronic, therapeutically challenging disease for which there is no cure, so treatment plans should address both management of the disease and patient expectations.

Phase 2b Trial of Topical Isotretinoin for CI Reaches 50% Enrollment

Timber Pharmaceuticals' phase 2b trial of isotretinoin for congenital ichthyosis (CI) has reached 50% enrollment.

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