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The Year Ahead in Dermatology


So far, 2024 is shaping up to be just as busy as 2023 with new dermatology innovations, approvals, and data. Review what's still to come in 2024.

Dermatology Times' 2024 Health Awareness Calendar of Dates

With a new year just beginning, Dermatology Times has put together a comprehensive list of dermatology-related health awareness dates for 2024. Throughout the year, we will provide the latest updates, interviews, studies, and resources to commemorate these awareness initiatives all in the name of improving patient care.

POLL: What Are Your 2024 Dermatology Resolutions?

At the start of every new year, you may aspire to achieve your own personal goals and resolutions. We want to know what goals and resolutions you have specific to dermatology. Take this poll or email our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com to share your thoughts.

Dermatology Conferences and Meetings Calendar 2024: January

Dermatology Times recently asked our readers to share with us what conferences and meetings they are looking forward to or planning to attend in the first quarter of the year. Interested in sharing what conferences you are interested in or planning to attend in the second quarter (April through June) of this year? Email our team at DTEditor@mmhgroup.com by March 13th to share your insights.

Hello, 2024! What Surprises Are in Store for Dermatology This Year?

If 2024 is anything like 2023, it will move fast but will be filled with new innovations, advances in patient care, and camaraderie among colleagues. 2023 was a welcome return to normalcy for most dermatology providers as patients packed clinics and the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions seemed more like a distant memory. Let’s revisit a few therapeutic highlights from 2023, and then look forward to 2024 and discuss some New Year’s resolutions for the dermatology specialty.

Psoriasis Therapies in 2024 and Beyond

Decades ago, psoriasis was still primarily considered a problem with hyperproliferation of the epidermis. Given the antiquated understanding of this disease pathophysiology, traditional oral immunosuppressive agents were used for moderate to severe presentations. Recent research into the pathophysiology of psoriasis has highlighted the importance of the immune-mediated nature of this very common inflammatory skin disease. There now exists a clear mechanism down to the molecular level regarding which cytokines are implicated in the pathophysiology of psoriatic disease.

Jordan Miller, MD: 2024 Dermatology Predictions

Dermatology still has a lot of room to grow in terms of AI technology. Ambient listening is an early example of AI-powered tools that will assist physicians during a time of provider burnout and staff shortages across the industry. However, ambient listening technology itself still has potential for further innovation. As the technology matures and incorporates more data, it can become more assistive to physicians when it doesn't “hear” every part of their conversation with a patient. By leveraging structured data, the AI can fill in blank spaces in the conversation and make suggestions on how to complete the patient’s chart based on previous cases.

What are you looking forward to in 2024? Share with us by emailing DTEditor@mmhgroup.com.

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