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The Weekly Roundup: May 23-27


ICYMI, this week we had stories from the about precision medicine, FDA's newest approval, and more.

POLL: Are You Looking Forward to More Bio-similars on the Market?

Sun Bus Helps Bust Melanoma Misconceptions, Provide Screenings

Mobile screening and education initiatives can help bridge gaps in both patient knowledge and access to care.

Video Lesson Boosts Skin-Cancer Awareness at School

A single lesson made an impact on high school students' knowledge and behavior when it came to sun protection.

Study: Anti-Aging Products and Self Esteem

A Portuguese study examined the association between the use of anti-aging products and the self-esteem of the women who used them.

Targeted Solutions Simplify Widespread Itch Care

Matthew Zirwas, MD, shares his step-by-step pearls for quelling this pruritic skin condition.

Behavior of patients and family members contributes to physician burnout

Verbal abuse, discrimination towards doctors is common, study finds.

The Mainstream Patient: May 23

This week's edition of the Mainstream Patients features stories about the top 10 best acne-fighting ingredients and medications in 2022, Bill Nye talks not using oil on the scalp, and more.

Precision Medicine Test for Psoriasis Predicts Response Rate to Biologics

Recent data tracks the first realization of precision medicine for patients with psoriasis.

Tapinarof Cream 1% is FDA Approved

Dermavant’s new topical treatment for plaque psoriasis in adults was approved by the FDA this morning.

Mindera Health Pilot Program to Improve Psoriasis Management

Mindera Health and a national health insurance company launched a pilot program to improve moderate-to-severe psoriasis management with precision medicine.

Health care systems start program to ensure equity in patient care

AMA, Joint Commission aim to improve outcomes for marginalized patients.

Pointers with Dr Portela: Misinformation and Skin Issues

In this week’s Pointers with Dr Portela, the 208SkinDoc dives into the reason why his channel exists and how he plans to help the average patient watching his YouTube videos.

Health care professional burnout must be top national priority, surgeon general says

Medical staff, pushed past their breaking point, say something has to change.

How Can AI Improve Patient Care?

AI’s ability to quickly process and interpret large quantities of health data is a valuable tool for physicians.

Rural Health Care Challenges Go Beyond a Lack of Doctors

Study finds financial, cultural barriers to care common among rural residents.

Drug Watch: What's Coming in Acne Treatment?

In this drug pipeline interview, Christopher Bunick, MD, PhD, discusses what is innovative in future acne treatment options, what research is happening, and what potential approvals the dermatology space has to look forward to.

Master Pain-Free Dermatology

Learn to discern the best pain-mitigation strategies for each patient, based on research and personal experience.

How Useful Are Chargemasters for Price Transparency in Dermatology?

Chargemaster lists may encourage patients to shop around for services, but the authors of this report said the implications of this change for dermatology are not well-defined.

Hospital Group Says Payers are Inappropriately Denying Care and Payments

American Hospital Association requesting a task force from the justice department to investigate commercial health insurance companies in the Medicare Advantage program.

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